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One of the objectives of Orange Company is to increase their salevolume and their subsequent market share. Based on Ball (2008)analysis, the company’s industry records a rapid growth on theirsmartphones. For instance, the first year of production the companyseeks to target their high end companies, households, and alsohigh-end households. The subsequent price for the products will be €600. For purpose of repairing their product, the company is aimedadding percentage of 15% and 10% for Europe and Asia respectively.Therefore, a rough estimate for the company’s market shareobjective in the two regions is as shown in the graph below.

The growth in the industry is attributed to differentiation andeconomics of scales in the operation of the industry. Consequently,the company seeks to increase their growth figures in Asia. For thisreason, formulates their objectives based on thegrowth of the economy. The company also seeks to activate theirupgrade in various markets Europe and Asia. The upgrades will bebased on three designs classic, Avant garde, and Sport. Orange TechCompany has in store to review their warrant cost, their unit cost,and the cost of their production line.

Lastly, is on the verge of improving theirawareness, intentions, and also their sales. Their sales will bebased on either elegant or I-fit for Europe company, while in Asiatheir intention, awareness, and sales will be based on Elegant andSakura.

Non-financial objectives

aims to improve their advertisement strategy. Theimportance of this objective is to increase the sales and marketshare of the company. Asia forms the perfect market in which thecompany will seek its advertisement priority. Such policies willconsider investing in channeling their decisions. To make suchobjective, the company will focus on the relative degree and rate ofadvertising, their price levels, their channel investments, customercare and attributes that the company gets from their products.Another important non-financial objective of the company is toimprove their products to satisfy the need of their customers. Suchimprovements include longer battery life, compacts and additionalfeatures that will enable their clients to be fully satisfied. Thisobjective is projected to fit well with the high growth rates thatare in the economies.

Financial objective

seeks to increase their profit and revenue of thecompany. The strategies set in place to meet this objective is toensure, there is an increase in sales in the growing economy.Increase in sales is expected to lead to several adjustments on theincome statement as there will be increase in profits that is to bemade. For the purposes of Repair, the company needs to attain thefollowing financial objectives. From the graph, the company has ahigher priority to increase their revenues and sales.


The company has a vast advantage over Europe and Asia market. Suchmarket differ in size and growth. Therefore, one market has to belarger than the other and it is on the agents to identify the largermarket and direct the sale to the area. Growth rates in the marketsare also not equal and the company sets its marketing effortsaccording to the type of market that they operate on at the time. Inthe market area, there are four different segments that the analysisindicates that improves sale of the products. The different consumersinclude households, high-hand households (Ball, 2008). The segmentthat is to be chosen acts differently which results to directappreciation of the features of the product. Decision making flow isa factor that has been considered in the company ensuring that theflow channels. In making the decisions, there has been considerationof other factors such as appointing a project manager to be involvedfor coordination that occur in the business and hence save the finaldecisions.


Weakness that the company has experience is on inaccurate saleforecasts. Sales forecast have been found to be unrealistic and thismakes the forecasts useless. Wrong estimates that have been used inthe firm have decreased the quality of the dependent decisionssignificantly. Forecasts that are made in the firm enable planning ofproduction facilities and large volume adjustments which are maderesults to increased unit cost.


The company has the ability to offer a range of six differentiatedproducts in both Asian and European market. The phones that thecompany produces have received several attributes. The attributesinclude battery life, level of compactness, additional features anddesign. The attributes has increased the demand of the product inboth Europe and Asia and it is on the team to decide on the placewhere the product is to be sold. Economics of scale that are obtainedin this aspect are of lower unit cost. An opportunity that thebusiness is exposed to is concentration on communication andplanning. These two aspects will allow each member of the team toperform activities on the range of employee. This capitalizes on thesynergy of workers in the form hence more growth in the productionleading to increased sales in markets and increase in share marketsby the company. Another opportunity that the firm is exposed is useof communication forums to exchange the ideas and ideas that thecompany has. The forums are also factors that will allow storage ofcorrespondence making it available for later review on what had beenagreed on and focusing on the applications.


The threats that the company is exposed to are those that linked todecision making in the firm. Decision making considers severalelements and data. The weakness that the firm has on recording thedata leads the company to be exposed to the threat of reduction insales in all the two regions as the forecasts that are given are notaccurate. Timing is a threat that the firm is also exposed. Thethreat comes as there is always no agreement on the internaldeadlines for the rounds. Through this, every team member makes andimplement own decisions that may not be according to the objectivesthat the firm has.


Ball, D. (2008). CESIM International business. New York:McGraw-Hill/Irwin.