Original Sales Call Dialogue


OriginalSales Call Dialogue

OriginalSales Call Dialogue

Salesman:Hi, John. This is Jim from Jeffrey and Jeffrey Stock Brokers. Did Icatch you at a bad time?

John:Hallo, Jim. Its not such a bad time though I am a bit busy.

Jim:John, I am sure you are pretty busy and so I will be brief. I amcalling about a proposal on some of the stocks that you could investin and make quite an amount. Now, I will not tell you about how otherinvestors such as Glaxo, Jaguar and Telephone De Mexico traded fromLondon to New York Stock Exchange and numerous other companies afterbeing listed and made a kill. I will go straight to the point whichis what I have, for a long time been doing for every other clientunder my wings. I have been positioning them with immense blocks ofabout 5,000- 10000 shares of Nestle so as to ensure that they areinvolved prior to the listing of the same at the New York StockExchange. Indeed, the Wall Street Journal has indicated that thelisting of the company is long overdue. Now, my philosophy is quitesimple. I would not require that you take 3000 or 5000 shares ratherI am willing to work small and build a relationship as I know I amright on this. We can work small, make a base hit and come up withanother idea and still make a hit one after the other. Once we havehad several winners and the bases become loaded, we can go a notchhigher so as to get the grand slam. Now, I know I am yet to make youa dime partly because your funds have been lying idle. In fact, youcannot tell between me and another person in the brokerage firmespecially since we do not have the luxury of having worked togetherin the past. This is why I would not ask you to take an immenseproportion of shares like other clients in the firm have been doing.My proposal is that you take up a small block of shares, about 500,which will amount to a cash investment of about 5000 dollars, buyinginto the world’s largest food business entity. Please, note that ifyou need to make an addition to the funds, they would not be due in aday or two but in a week’s time. You may have done this in thepast, where you will get a standard confirmation from Kelvin Myers,my clearing agent. You certainly must have heard about them.

John:Well, Jim. That appears pretty attractive, but don’t you think itis a bit risky to buy into the company right now?

Jim:You know John, the best way to make a kill in the stocks is to buywhen the company is at a weak spot and sell when it is strong. Weactually have one of the most astute and shrewd analysts in WallStreet. Take, for instance, the case of Union Carbide. He actuallyadvised the company to purchase when the prices were as low as 18,even though the company was facing litigation, which was to besettled. The company’s fundamentals necessitate higher prices aftersettlement. A few months ago, I started purchasing the stocks andafter the settlement, the stocks went up to the extent that thecompany had a 60 percent return. I actually made some money on thedeal and it would be bad if you miss out on Nestle. We are actuallylooking for much more in the case of Nestle.

John:Ok, that sounds good. So how about sending me the information.

Jim:I will definitely do that. However, getting the information in twodays would not be beneficial if the timing is wrong. We have areputation for being the best in the market as any investmentdecisions are made on the basis of solid research. We have beenobserving nestle of a long time and feel that any delay couldactually cost us some much needed money and profits. I have beenseeking advice from other analysts on the prospects of thisinvestment so as to ascertain that we are on the right course. We areconvinced that it is the best decision at this time, not to mentionthe fact that the company has been generating immense interest amongfinancial analysts and stocks experts. With access to the most up-todate and the best information regarding investments, we definitelycan offer you a perspective of the market that you are yet to see andwould never see from any other place. I am bringing you opportunityrather than history. You need to note that you may not findsufficient information on the advice we are offering in which case Iprefer to show you results.

John:Thank you Jim, I will be sure to check it out and pass by youroffices tomorrow.

Jim:You are most welcome. I will schedule an appointment for you at 10:00am.


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