Over the Top of the World War 1

Overthe Top of the World War 1

Overthe Top of the World War 1

Welive together, and we die together. I miss you my love Jenny, mybeautiful daughter and the tranquil atmosphere at the ranch. I wish Iam resting on your arms, but the country needs the sacrificial lambsto maintain its dignity as a superpower. Shells are screaming aboveour head. We are pinned in a claustrophobia-inducing trench for thelast four days. We have run out of ammunition, food and water. Thefifth group is going over the top while my captain and I will followsoon afterwards. We suspect the German snipers have closed in on usbecause the last group barely lasted an hour before the retaliatorysounds of fire ceased to render the air.

Stayingalive out of the dungeon is miraculous but we are under theleadership of a Captain who seems to have nine lives like thelegendary cat. They call me the hero kid because I am the youngestmember of the Special Forces platoon (Guttman, 2009). I believe I amthe savior of the soldiers because I am fast, accurate and more agilethan Molly, our lovely cat.

Nonetheless,if I will never kiss you, hug or hold my princess in my arms in thisworld, we are five soldiers in the hole and we are about to share ourlast wishes. Whoever survives will bear witness that your husbanddied a hero. Do not even shed even a pint of tears because I havemade a prayer, to the High Deity, that I reincarnate in the nextbeing as the love of your life.

“ThankGod it’s snowing! Let us go over the top as the snipers cannot seeus from their positions.” The captain has ordered us to confrontthe enemies. Not even the cannon balls can hinder us from crawlinginto the no man`s land. We are fighting for a good course, and myjournal entry will be worth being read by the entire nation for Ihave scripted it under the inspiration my allegiance to my militarycareer and desire to make our country proud.


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