Iarrived at the Miami University Center at around noon on Saturday. Itwas a bit sunny and the temperature was around 29.The Sculpture isoriginal and it is surrounded by different building. It is alsorugged and in it one can see different stories in how we describeeducation as a perspective that should handled sincerely.

Ialso visited the sculpture on Sunday very early in the morning andthe sculptor is very different as it described that it is only clearand it reflects its surrounding with its color and painting. Thesculptor is less prominent during the dark this is because of itslocation in the middle of other buildings. It’s located at thecenter of the school where most students have to pass often and whereit is defined by other students as scholar’s center[ CITATION Pet131 l 1033 ].

Thesculptors o this faced a challenge of setting up its theme abouteducation and its role in the current situation. It is also very wellchallenged by other people in the education industry as demeaning tothis industry but that is a case of critic. Chances of it, why it waslocated there, might be because of the trees covering the area andthey might have wanted to achieve its close relation to educationwith nature.

It brings out originality and the sculptor also faced the challenge oftrying to merge its theme about education and society. The challengewas to try and address both issues without concentrating to focusmore one of them. It is also through this sculptor that act as thetheme for this college and its entire school fraternity. It bringsout hope viewing it gives me strength and the believe that anyonewho works hard will make it. It is a personal challenge to everyonethat everything in life is achievable.


1) Teter, P. (2013). The World of Art. Boston: Mcgraw.