Ifind it interesting if not weird that a father teenage daughter wouldbe sitting on her father’s laps for a number of times during afamily weekend. Simona’s case study gives a scenario where ateenage daughter, Simona sits on her father’s laps during a numberof sessions during a family weekend. During some presentations, thefather and the daughter are talking quietly as well as laughing. Thismay be an indication of parental attachment that is between thefather and her daughter. Most of the times we wonder whether thiskind of attachment is healthy or not. This paper seeks to discuss myconcern over this situation. In addition, it will discuss how as ateacher, administrator, counselor or a human service professional Iwould deal with such kind of an issue.

TheParental Attachment: Simona Case Study

Thefather-child relational process has not very common in the currentworld. The father-daughter attachment bond has been very rare incontemporary world(Shreeve,2012).This is especially so in adolescent and teenage girls. Among thethings which I think would be an issue is the fact the daughter wassitting on the father’s laps at the age of sixteen. Secondly, Ifind it weird how the father and the daughter communicate. I wouldhardly expect them to be talking quietly and having that kind oflaughter. To me, it sounds very suggestive. This case is veryrealistic. Many cases of such actions have been witnessed all overthe world. Such kind of intimacy between a father and his daughter isexperienced every day (Pearce,2009).But I think such kind of intimacy does not sound right. Such kind ofintimacy has led to incest kind of relationship.

Thereare two theoretical perspectives I can approach this case study from.The first one is the Electra complex. This is a situation where thedaughter develops affection for his father mostly romantic, and thedaughter views the mother as a competitor. She becomes sexuallyattracted to the father (Shreeve,2012).I think this might be case that is happening between Simona and herfather. This can be attested by the physical proximity seen betweenthe father and the daughter. Secondly, I think Simona shows a senseof lack of growth and development. Her behavior shows that she hasrefused to detach from her childhood dependence on her parents. Sucha teenager shows portrays a message that she has not been able tobuild her confidence.

Parentalattachment is most essential when one is raising young children whoare below the age of ten. Such children require guidance, and supportand in that they can build trust in their parents. On the other hand,teenagers try to pull away from parental love and authority. Theyrequire more freedom and autonomy.

Solutionfor the Problems

Ibelieve that psychotherapy can help solve this attachment disorderbetween Simona and her father. Otherwise, if left unsolved it canresult to dire consequences. There is need for positive attachmentbetween the father and his daughter. They should be taught how tolove and develop intimacy but with boundaries. The two can give loveas well as accept love which has no sexual attachment. This wouldmean the boundaries would be important.


Reactiveattachment disorders affect children’s social behavior. This mightbe in terms of inhibited form which is normally characterized byintroversion as well as withdrawal. On the other hand, it might be inthe form of disinherited form which is normally characterized in formof extroversion, lack of boundaries and at times, aggressiveness andsexual tendencies. Forming of constructive bonds is important tosolve this problem.


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