Perceptions of Project Management Author’s


Perceptions of Project Management



For a project to be a success, it is important to manage time,resources, people, technology, risks and expected outcomes. Ideally,running a project is so challenging and requires a lot of dedicationtogether with balancing stakeholder’s interests with constraints ofscarce resources, time as well as changing technologies (Lock, 2014).The environment we were living on was not fit for survival andtherefore I initiated a cleaning project intended to collect garbage,clear drainages and abolish all constructed temporary workshops alongthe road to this slum area. The project has born positive results anddwellers can now enjoy living in a clean and healthy environment.


It is often not possible to run a project alone and thus support ofother parties is very crucial. The municipal council played a vitalrole in this project through offering the trucks that carried garbageout of the slum, also it ensured that the business that were beingrun were licensed and that the unwanted business shades along theroads were demolished. The community as a whole took part throughaccepting to work with me to make the project a success. It offeredworkers who cleared the rubbish and also funded the project throughthe proformas that I distributed. They took this project asbeneficial and therefore no one objected the idea when I first calledout a community meeting. To add on the funding agency “Rock fellowFoundation” supported this project through funding it of which themoney was used to pay the workers on daily basis. The government wasalso an important organ in that it also funded the project andensured that it was in line with rules and regulations. Tenants werealso engaged and they supported this project through accepting tomigrate from those houses that were deemed unfit for living and whichrequired demolition (Williams, 2008).


There was great need for the project as insecurity cases in thisarea had prevailed. Those shelters along the road acted as hidinggrounds for thugs and it made night walk a big threat. Every nightyou will hear people screaming for help and there were huge reportedcases where people lost their important documents along the path(Lock, 2014). Also there was careless cooking of food in theseshelters whereby unlicensed food sellers sold food under unhealthyconditions. Hospitals reported high typhoid cases for patients fromthis area. Cholera outbreak had also been reported and thereforethere was a need for immediate action. The drainages were stagnantand created breeding grounds for Mosquitoes. Nights seemed longwithout mosquito nets as they would terrorize you terribly. Therewere also high reported cases of malaria outbreaks. People regularlycomplained of the premises they were living in and that landlordswere not ready to renovate those premises. These plus other issuesmade me initiate the project to save the lives of the dwellers.


The first step I took was to set the goals of the project. Ithereafter called a community meeting to hear their views and luckyenough they accepted my idea. Total budget for the project was setand funding agency contacted. Other forums to raise more money alsostated. Time limit with which the project was to be completed waslaid down and it was supposed to take less than two months. Scope ofwork to be done per day was essential and thus I established that,everyday an area of not less than 200meters is be cleared. I alsoensured that all tools necessary to carry out the work was available.Here, I asked the government to avail more tools as I would not be ina positing to provide them all. A survey was conducted in advance toestablish areas that needed quick action and which required more timefor clearing (Williams, 2008). These were the areas to start withthen move to those which required less attention. After thegovernment provided dustbins, on the onset of work, I set posters atevery corner indicating no careless throwing of rubbish andestablished penalties upon those who will be found defiling therules.


To measure the success of my project, I looked at the time durationthat it took to accomplish the work. Actually it was exactly twomonths as planned. The budget did not exceed what had been plannedand infact some funds remained. The dwellers praised my work at theend of the project and I was rewarded heavily by both the governmentand the community as a whole. To add on, less cases of typhoid,malaria and cholera have been reported recently in hospitals frompatients of this area. To sum up, crime rates have drasticallyreduced since the demolition of shelters alongside the road and theliving premises of majority of people have improved as landlords nowcare for their needs through providing them with clean water andensuring that they construct stable houses (Williams, 2008).


Project management is of great help to the success of this projectas it helps me in laying the groundwork for the project, plan wellfor the project, estimate the work to be done per day, track theprogress of the work and identify constraints and resource needs. Italso enables me define success criteria, manage risks, plan timefor improvement process and finally helps me learn the future throughadhering to the running curve (Lock, 2014).


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