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JasonFried talks about work in the office explaining why employees areunproductive. Fried starts by discussing the typical situation wherepeople go to an office on a daily basis, and the employers expectgood results. He explains that people do not consider the office as aplace where they can go when they need to do something innovative. Hediscusses the negatives of an office work environment. Then, he talksabout the problems common in modern offices, which he labels asmanagers and meetings. Overall, Fried argues that interruptions arethe primary factor contributing to the low productivity at work.

Iconcur with Fred’s argument. First, everyone from students, typicalemployees to scientists require maximum concentration to be creativeor accomplish a set of tasks correctly. As Fried explains, officesare full of unavoidable distractions. It is virtually impossible fora person to work for one hour continuously without any distractions.The office environment promotes distractions most of which areinvoluntary such as meetings and interacting with colleagues.Collectively, these distractions limit the time an employeeconcentrates on a particular task, which affects their creativity. Itis correct that most people would rather work at home or in theoffice during weekends, early or late hours. It proves that thedistractions during regular office hours make it hard for most peopleto achieve their objectives.

Secondly,reducing disruptions in the office will increase job satisfaction.Many people get a sense of satisfaction when they accomplish theirobjectives. However, this is unlikely when they work in a distractingenvironment. Therefore, Fried’s idea of creating casual Fridays andNo Talk Thursdays would promote suitable work environment. Suchpractices will give the employees enough space to utilize theirutmost capabilities to achieve their personal and work goals, thusincreasing satisfaction and productivity.