Personal Statement for Admission to the Dental School


PersonalStatement for Admission to the Dental School

PersonalStatement for Admission to the Dental School

AlthoughI have always wanted to be a dentist, at the age of 7 years I feltquite immature and lacked the confidence to fully commit myself to alifelong career. The mere fact that I grew up in a family ofphysicians had no influence on my decision regarding my future careerpath. The smell of the hospital made me nauseous and I could notfigure it out spending the rest of my life working in such anenvironment.

Myexperience in the dentist office, on the other hand, wasirresistible. The smell in the dentist office was strong, sharp, andspecific. The most fascinating part of my experience in a dentistoffice occurred when I saw the dentist handle a wide range ofequipment, including glass slabs, cotton, and bottles of powder aswell as liquid chemicals. By the time I joined high school, it wasclear in my mind that I wanted to pursue a career in dentistry. Themost intriguing aspect of dentistry is the ultimate collaboration ofthe brain, art, creativity, and hand-eye coordination.

Althoughmy family and I came to America after escaping the civil war in ourmother country, I consider this move as a blessing in disguise. Ilanded a job after a while, where I worked as a dental assistant inManhattan’s Office. The job gave me an opportunity to interact withdentists (such as Drs. Gregg and Mark Lowemberg) from differentfields of specialization and to learn teamwork, which is among thekey success factors in dentistry. In addition, my position as adental assistant allowed me to learn new dental procedures that arenot practiced in my mother country. My employer also allowed me toassist in the nine dental specialties, which contribution towards thedevelopment of my career.

Apartfrom the normal dentistry procedures (such as gingival grafts,endodontic treatment, osseous regeneration surgery, and veneer smilemakeovers), I was allowed to practice other activities, includingbilling and handling issuance matters. The extensive experience, DANBcertification, CDA license, and accreditation from the dentalradiology program prepared me for more challenging opportunities as Imove up the career ladder. In my next job, I served as a dentalassistant instructor at the NJ Fortis Institute. The challenges Ifaced in my new job forced me to advance my knowledge by takingcourses at the Greater NY Dental Meetings and take part in expopreparation cases for continuing education courses for dentistsstudying at NYU. My job as an instructor gave me an opportunity toget the technical skills that are critical in clinical practice.

Mypersonal as well as professional experience as a dentist assistantand instructor have imparted me with the passion, initiative,commitment, and competency that is necessary to succeed in dentalschool. I strongly believe that the University, with its rich courseofferings, supportive, and distinguished faculty will impart me withadditional skills necessary to pursue my career goals.

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