Persuasive Speech on Adopting a Pet



Attention Getter: Have you ever thought of affording a shelter to apet that strays in the street looking for the foods with fond chancesof getting enough? How lucky would you feel having a companion ratherthan when you are roaming alone in the street when going for yourshopping business!! When you think of finding an animal a shelter,you realize that you have a role to make life meaningful to everyliving thing. To some thinking about animal shelters, they wouldconclude that these pets were not aggressive with life, or they havevoluntarily failed to look themselves shelters or food. However, ifyou thought so, then you would be handling the case the wrong way.

Relevance: Creating a better living environment along understandingthe mills for these pets will enhance the development of a mutualrelationship between humans and the animals, thus making lifeenjoyable for both parties.

Purpose: This speech is entitled to persuade the audience to weighthe importance of getting the homeless pets a home by searching intolocal shelters than purchasing them from the brokers that specializein pet stores and other unapproved sources.

Preview: This speech will highlight the significance of adopting apet in a local shelter than buying from the animals’ rescue groupsand other pet stores.

Transition: Maybe for ones you have wondered what life the pets mightbe living in the street without specific home where they can feelsecure and loved. If so, then start thinking the personalsatisfaction and the bride you would be instilling in these animal byadopting them from the streets and make a local shelter where youwould be providing them with food and other forms of care. Similarly,there are many benefits associated with this generous behavior. Timeis now, take that privilege.

I) Reasons why you should adopt a pet are:

  1. Adding value to life

“An initiative of adopting a pet… a decision that save thisanimal from the hardships and challenges of living on streets wherethere is no any guarantee of food or security” meaning that theseanimals live in numerous threats (Cute Puppies, 2011)

Stray animals always suffer starvation, diseases and insecurity.Adopting a pet is life saving step that occurs into two states:creating a home to decrease the size of the homeless animals, andimproving the living standards for the unlucky pets by easing thecongestions in their local shelters. This concept guides to reasonthat another straying animal is likely to find a shelter initiallytaken by the animal that has left.

  1. Adopting a pet does benefit not only the animal, but also human beings

The cost of finding a pet a local shelter much fewer dollars thanbuying from the pet stores or the rescues groups. The designer petsare rated about few thousand dollars whereas the adoption fee in alocal shelter is around hundred dollars. In addition, adopting ashelter covers sterilization aspects such as spraying, neutering orvaccination among other treatments. Adoption generates high chancesof finding a close friend to the human being, thus a beneficialaddition to the family. Dog pets are likely to be gate watch, thus anessential figure to the home security.

  1. Adopting a pet in a local shelter will reduce the cruelness in the puppy mills.

Since puppy mills are intended to make profits to the brokers andother business persons, the shelters for the dogs are compressedcages whose ventilation is reduced thus high probabilities ofcontracting and transferring diseases to the animals. Moreover, petssuch as dogs are killed when they age or fail to be productive aspredicted. Therefore, adopting a pet ensures that you save theseanimals from hostile human facilities and his cruelty.

Transition: The above incidence leads me to take a close eye as towhy you should not buy a pet from the pet stores.

II) Here are reasons why you should not purchase a pet from a petstore

  1. These animals could have been transferred from puppy mills

“Pets that are traded in most of the Scandinavian countries areraised in the puppy mills where there are poor health conditions andinjustices of the unproductive pets.” (Adamson, 2010) “The rescuegroups and pet merchants keep their pets in the puppy mills”(American HumaneAssociation, 2011)

  1. These pets could be facing medical problems

“Animals from the puppy mills have high mortality rates than due tomedical challenges” (Buying vs. Adopting, American HumaneAssociation 2011)

  1. Some of the pet dealers are cunning to the customers, cheating that their puppies were not reared in the pet mills. It would be hard for a potential pet adopter to determine where the information given by the pet dealers is genuine or not. “It is hard to state confidentially that a puppy has not been in a pet mill since most of the breeders are unhonest.” (Adamson, 2010)


Summary: It will be a bold move adopting a pet from a local shelterthan buying from the pet stores since that will ensure a reduction inthe pet mills operations. Moreover, adopting a pet will provide theanimal with new care, good health and a companion for life.

Concluding Device: I understand that finding a pet from a localshelter is cost effective than buying from the pet breeders. Ibelieve that you will take this privilege to save a pet and give lifea meaning.

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