Persuasive Speech Peer Evaluation


PersuasiveSpeech Peer Evaluation

PersuasiveSpeech Peer Evaluation

Thespeech by the student is well done and conforms to the ideals of goodspeech and persuasive guidelines. The introduction of the speechprovided by the speaker is concise and gives the audience the needthat she is speaking about. The speaker presents the need byhighlighting the problem of teenage sexual practices as seen by theconsequences. The speaker connects this to the need for sexualeducation in colleges as the solution. Despite the shortintroduction, the speaker gives a clear purpose and gets theattention of the speaker.

Theorganization of the speech was clear and concise for the audience tofollow. The speaker presents the main points in a manner that is easyto identify with. This is even better because the speaker connectsher points of argument with relevant and up to date evidence. Theevidence she provides effectively warrants the argument of thespeaker that sex education is needed in colleges as a solution to thesexual practices by teens and the related consequences.

Toenhance her persuasiveness, the speaker uses logical reasoning tosupport the arguments from credible sources and researches done onsexual education programs. Therefore, she links the argument withproven research and shuns the opposite view by showing the absence ofscientific research. At the same time, the speaker draws the emotionsof the audience by giving rational reasoning for her points.

Thedelivery of the speech is enhanced by the speaker’s enthusiasm andconversational quality. She uses appropriate body language andnon-verbal cues that enhance her speech and arguments. However, shecan enhance this by using tonal variations to reinforce the argumentsin the speech. The conclusion by the speaker is excellently linked tothe introduction and the body of the speech by a summary of the mainpoints. The speaker effectively reinforces her persuasive appeal forsex education in colleges by restating the claim and the conclusiveview. Her persuasiveness is excellently delivered through a stringclosing statement.