Poor Kids


The documentary field poor kids narrate poverty through the eyes ofthree preteen girls and one boy who are living in this state. Thefour children are given an opportunity to share their view of lifefrom the bottom of societal class. One thing that poverty manages todo is classify people through societal classes causing a greatdivision between the poor and rich. The reality that the film bringsout on the rate of poverty in developed states like the UK issurprising. More than 3.5 million children live in the lowest povertystates making this population classified as the worst in theindustrialized states.

The film relates to anthropology in that to understand the culturesof human beings one must explore their past and present. Povertyemanates from the children’s parents and as a result they areunable to give their children a good life. Their struggle to maketheir lives better has not paid off as the children struggle to fightpoverty unsuccessfully. As a result, the film raises culturalquestions like what the society can do to help eradicate poverty.

The four kids Courtney, Paige, Sam and Kayleigh are a clear image ofwhat it means to grow up in poverty in developed states like Britain.The reveal to the viewer an unvarnished reality of being brought upin poverty through their honest testaments of how having no moneyaffects them. Because of lack of money, the children lack basic needslike food, decent shelter and fields to play as well as betterclothes and education. The children cannot enjoy luxuries likespending the holidays together or celebrating their birthdays. Theylive surrounded by insecurity, drugs, alcohol, hostility and violencemaking them shy to bring their friends to see where they live.Despite the dark cloud of poverty hovering over them, these childrenare optimistic for a better future.