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Thispaper is a reflection that we covered at the McDonald`s restaurantand the objective of the field study was to give us a vivid insightof what is practiced in the city and how people carry themselvesdaily. The study covered the geographical area around the McDonald`scenter an area of about 1Km². The size was good enough for the studysince we only had at least one hour to carry out our research. Thecentral target of the study was the McDonald`s corporation though wealso had some interest about the people around the region in order toexplore some aspects of the city in terms of how people interact andoperate in the city. The actors around the study area were mostly thecustomers of the corporation and the competitors around the region.Through my observation, I learned out that to attract more customersa businessperson you need to be very innovative to get rid of highcompetition in the market. The area has a variety of malls andshopping center with ample car parking space. The study found outthat the malls were built a very long time ago, and they reflect thetransformations of postwar. After the post-war, the consumers in theAmerican and European societies increased the spending and carownership, the use of technology and the number of employed womenincreased in the region (Eckstein, 2000). The rate of consumption ofthe McDonald`s products is high due to their effective socialresponsibility.

Inorder to gather quantitative data for our study, I used quantitativemeasures of collecting data. We designed questionnaires that thataimed at soliciting information about the lifestyle of the people inthe city, their jobs, eating habits and how they make use of theirleisure time. The other tool that I used was directing interviewingof the respondents who I came in contact with while in the field. Theinformation collected was then analyzed using SPSS. The field studyalso aimed to find out the number of believers and the non-believers.The SPSS software determined that 80% of the respondents living incity believe in the existence of God. 10% are aware that God existsbut they do not believe in Him. The remaining 10% of the populationwere pagans. They do not have any information concerning theexistence of God and therefore they had no reason of believing inHim. This group of non-believers also known as atheist have a tightschedule since they engage in different leisure activities some ofwhich are dangerous and harmful to their health. The believers werevery cautious with their life and I found out that they lived ajoyous life. Interviews are used to solicit information from therespondents. They are the best methods of collecting information fromthe respondents since they involve a face-to-face conversationbetween a researcher and the respondent. Questionnaire is anotherqualitative tool used for collecting information from therespondents. The respondents are allowed time to feel the alreadyestablished or formulated questions and are asked to give theiropinions where it is deemed necessary for them.

Thereare several activities performed by people at the area of the studymost of which are economic activities. I observed that a majority ofthe people in the area is entrepreneurs, and this explains that mostof the people survive the city life by engaging in the activitiesthat generate income for them. 90% of the workers engage in officialand well-paying in the banks as bankers, in the hospitals as doctors,others as lecturers and other formal professionals that are wellpaying. We observed that only a small percentage of people in thecity are jobless but after interviewing them we found out that theyhave something constructive to do in the village that support theirliving.

Duringthe field study, I had a comfortable feeling being around the newpeople that I had not earlier met in life. Most of them were veryimportant to me as they give me directions on how to conduct theresearch. They had a good encounter of the city life, and thisimplied that they had to serve as resource persons to the questionsthat I had designed for the study. As a field researcher, it isimportant to feel very comfortable while collecting information sinceit will give you a conducive atmosphere and the courage to seekrelevant information from resourceful people. If you fail to becomfortable, it implies that most of the information will not beobserved as planned and therefore you will end up collecting thewrong information from the study. I was a great and wonderfulexperience being around the people of the city to collect informationfrom them and share some of the experiences they undergo through. Theobservations that I made were very important for my studies and thelife after school since, after school I plan to dwell in the city insearch of white-collar jobs. I am observed that the city environmentwas very inconsistent, and therefore it required a person to be verydetermined to survive the harsh and hard tassels of the city.

Throughoutmy observations from the study, there were many interactions that Iencountered and therefore I had to be determined and focused toensure that the study was successful and that the information that Icollected reflected the condition and the state of the city at thatmoment. I ensured that my relationship with the people of the cityparticularly those that I interviewed to get some few conceptsremained positive. The good relationship was important for convincingthe resource persons to give accurate information without a lieinside it.

Thecenter is committed to its customer and the communities. All peopleare served equally and in a serious way. During the field study, Irealized that McDonald`s focuses on putting individuals, processesand practices in place to prepare the best food, which is moresustainable and easy to get at all times. The center focuses tocreate a stronger community and a healthier planet. The maincustomers of McDonald`s Corporation are the parents, businesscustomers, young children and the teenagers around the region. Theresearch found out that these are the main people who are behind theestablishment of McDonald`s Corporation. The shopping center islocated at the heart of the city to serve a variety of people thatdwell around the city. The center is all also designed in a way thatit promotes entertainment and consumption of the people around thecity. The majority of the customers are the youths and themiddle-aged customers due to the availability of entertainment andreadily available food around (Burgess, 2002).

During the study, I observed that the Centre offered the city withnearly all the services and it was, therefore, convenient for peoplewith tight schedule especially those that do not have time to dotheir shopping in different places. I realized that people love theplace due to the great services they get from the center. We foundout that parent like visiting McDonalds frequently to treat theirkids, and we observed that kids do enjoy the environment. There aremany cartoons that the center has established for attractionpurposes. This is the source of joy for children who visitMcDonald`s. During the field study, we realized that most businesscustomers stop at McDonald`s during the workday to be served withfirst food. We also observed that most of the teens in the around theregion value the menu they are offered with at McDonald`s due to itsappealing nature.

Weinterviewed some or the teens around, and they told us that theyvisited McDonald`s to meet with their friends after work. From mycritical analysis, I found out that the place is strategicallyplaced, and the tourists who intend to visit Europe at any can useit. Some activities take place in the surrounding regions. There aremany fields for sporting activities, and we observed during the studythat most of the participants and the fans of the sports around theregion are the regular customers of McDonald`s. The competitiveenvironment for McDonald`s is very large and competitive. The majorcompetitions of the corporations are Burger King, Wendy`s, Taco Bell,KFC and many others. We came up with the list of competitors afterobserving the activities of the competitors around the corporation(Abo-Shaeer, Raman, Vogels, &amp Ketterle, 2001). I realized thatmost of the customers who were meant to come to the McDonald`scorporation would then find some way and go to search for the sameservices from the competitors. The competitors were strategicallylocated to attract the customers so that they do not find their wayto McDonald`s corporations.

Myexperience at the location was very awesome. I liked the activitiesthat were taking place during the time of the research, and I likedthe way the respondents collaborated with us. All people were readyto give us the required information at all times even if it meant todelay some of their daily activities. All the activities were carriedout successfully due to the ample time and the efficient attentionthat we received from the respondents. Personally, I think the studywas wonderful as we were served with all kinds of food to oursatisfaction. All the people that were accompanied with to the regionwere treated well by our hosts. We enjoyed taking photos of thecorporations and the customers that visited the premise. We sharedwith the customers about their encounter with the corporation and theservices they received. Most of the respondents told us that theypreferred McDonald`s from other corporations due to the best foodthat they were offered with and the attention they got from thepersonnel around the corporation. It was an exciting moment since wemet people customers that work in the field that is in line with ourcourse. They gave us hopes in life and promised us good things afterour study. Most or the customers had completed their studies at ourinstitutions and therefore they were a big help during the periodthat were on the field (Miner, Bassof, &amp Moorman, 2001). Theyinspired us a lot and encouraged us to work as hard as possible tohelp transform the society. They also gave us directions and helpedus to make an important judgment that was important for making thefinal report. Apart of the interesting things about the study, I alsonoticed something that was disgusting. Not all the customers`attendants were friendly to us. Some of them especially those thathad served the area for a long period were not caring and respondedto us very arrogantly.

We noted the customer attendant that were arrogant to us and reportedthem to the management whom later congratulated us for the goodobservation that was made. We felt relieved, and we thanked eachother for the effort that we had made to make the study successful.The observation about the service offered to us at the corporationwas a revelation to us since it helped us to make more observationsthat were relevant to the study (Lemke, et al2007).

Theexperience of the field study is common to the experience that weencounter at the University`s restraints. This is because they allhave the objective of serving people with food to make money fortheir livelihoods. The other similarity is that they are located atthe central points where the customers can easily access them with alot of ease and at their convenience. The difference in theexperience was that the area of study was new and therefore we had toadapt to a new environment that is different from that of ourinstitution. The area of the study was crowded with many people,unlike the school where we have a lot of space and comfort at alltimes (Coughlan &amp Coghlan, 2002).

The activities that were being done included cooking, serving thecustomers, cleaning the utensils, entertaining the customers amongother activities. The activities were running in a smooth way sincethere were many customers coming and leaving the premises at thedifferent time. The objects used in the study were the plates, theserving spoons, knives, and water containers, cooking tools, the rawand cooked food among other materials. The events that happened inthe area included serving of breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper and thenight meals at the club. All the events followed each other in asequent manner (Patton, 2005).The customer attendant had a goal toserve all the customers to their satisfaction. They aimed to attractall the customers that were available in the region to prevent thecompetitors from taking them from them. They believed that when thecustomers were served to their level best, they would still come backeither alone or with their friend. This was the motto and the missionstatement of the corporation. Services Delivery was their main aimwhile targeting the customers.

Thepeople around the area were jovial and always wanted to assistwhenever their services were required. They felt thankful and wantedto associate closely with the visitors anytime they had the chance.They were ready to give information about the corporation to anybodythat asked for it at all times. To my knowledge, they were verycooperative, and I felt that they were the major contributors to thesuccess of the study. Their help was too much and exceeded what weexpected from them before setting for the study (Voss, Tsikriktsis, &ampFrohlich, 2002).

As an observer, I felt that we covered a lot of areas though I wasnot contended with the information that we got since there were manythings to be covered during the study. We did not visit areas likethe entertaining rooms that included clubs and the bars. The reasonthat led to this is that we only had one hour to complete the task.We also visited the area during the daytime yet most of theactivities in those areas took place during the nighttime. Though wemissed on some of the activities, my experience with the area waswonderful and I hope that we will have another time to visit the areasimilar to that or the same area to make more judgments about thearea that are relevant to our study. As a researcher, I felt that alot has to be done in the area of ethnography (Paul, et al. 2001).

Theinstitution is supposed to be giving the students a lot of time sincethere is a lot of information that is supposed to be covered in thefield. The institution should give the students a lot of financialsupport to ensure that they also buy some commodities like thecustomers to get more information in the field. We were a very luckygroup as our hosts provided us with some meals, and this made uscomfortable to interact with other customers. During the interactiontime, we asked questions about how the customers felt while at thecorporation and what made them consider McDonald`s as the centerdestination to seek for food. All of the customers responded in apositive manner and therefore I observed that the corporation was thebest place for customers who wanted a good restaurant for food.

The study started at 12 noon and ended at 1 pm. This was the righttime since most of the customers were coming to the corporation forlunch. We also asked the customers about how they came to learn aboutthe place for the first time and asked them about their best mealsthey preferred to be served (Gold, 1958).

I learned that people in Europe, especially those that are aroundMcDonald`s, prefer buying goods from the restaurants rather thancooking for themselves at home. It was a good experience since ithelped me learn about the culture of people around Europe and mostimportantly the food that they preferred.


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