Program Portfolio


Below is an evaluation of how I successfully acquired 10 programgoals in psychology. Being a fast learner was useful in helping megrasp the content for the knowledge base of psychology program.Memorizing the different concepts of knowledge base of psychology wasa bit challenging as it was my first time to cover this topic.However, the school department can enable future psychology majorstudents to develop their strengths through awarding those whosucceed and strengthening weakness by handing students brochures withoutlined concepts for memory purposes.

Research methods in psychology program were interesting and Iwas able to learn about it through intensive research work-study.Specifically qualitative and quantitative research methods confusedme as they closely relate to research methods. Bearing in mind that Ihad never practiced research methods study made me realize thatgiving students assignments related to the topic can significantlyhelp the department develop strengths in students pursuing theprogram.

My analytical skills played a major role in helping me learn aboutcritical thinking skills in psychology. I was able to analyzethe critical aspect of theories and concepts thus easilyunderstanding this topic. However, I required more practice on thistopic and thus consumed more time trying to perfect it. I wouldrecommend that the department allocate more time to train students inthis program, as it requires critical detail explanations.

Application of psychology was one of the most interestingprograms I came across. Studying behavior in relation to the humanmind was an amazing experience for me. My ability to be keen todetails helped me observe behavior from different people at differenttimes and thus interpret why people behave in a certain way. Myinterest in this program made me use more time than the allocatedtime thus leaving less time for other programs. I would recommendthat the department give a fixed period and specific activities forapplication of psychology to help future psychology majorsconcentrate on the program perfectly.

My goals for the values in psychology program werestrengthened by reading psychology books and getting differentdefinitions from the books. Trying to understand all the definitionswas a bit challenging as I have a weakness in memorizing afterreading. I would suggest that the department gives future psychologystudents a list of good books that can help them understand thevalues of psychology and its application to daily life.

My passion for technology greatly contributed to achieving thepsychology goals in information and technological literacy. Itwas fun and interesting to learn more on this topic. However, I foundnew concepts in psychological technology challenging, as I was notfamiliar with that. I recommend that students do prior research onthe topic to achieve the program goal of learning.

I have excellent communication skills and thus it was very easy forme to acquire the communication skills goal. I lovecommunicating and find it easy to communicate and relate to peopleabout various issues. However, I am a shy person who is not able torelate to new people. I would suggest that the department givesstudents group work constantly to help them interact with new peopleand opportunities to do presentations as it helps in buildingconfidence.

My good social skills helped me attain the socio-cultural andinternational awareness goals. I am a social being who loveslearning about different cultures and international issues. As aresult, it was easy for me to interact with different social andinternational issues. However, learning about various issues aboutinternational societies was challenging due to lack of exposure. Iwould recommend that students be exposed to socio-cultural andinternational issues through social networking and learning aboutother cultures in program exchanges for example.

Personal development was achieved through assessing mypersonal strengths and weakness. I wrote a small journal throughwhich I marked my personal and academic milestones and how I plannedto achieve those things I had not yet achieved. Trying to come upwith solutions of how I would achieve the goals was not easy. I wouldsuggest that lecturers help psychology major students develop theirpersonal development to meet their goals.

Getting an attachment to work in my field is the greatest programgoal achievement for my career and development program goal.It will give me an opportunity to exercise the programs taught andenable me to learn about the career development. I am strong willedand dynamic because I enjoy the program. However, getting enough timeto attend school and develop my career is challenging. I wouldrecommend that the department allocate enough time for futurepsychology students to go through internship after completing theprograms to help them develop their careers.