Project Plan



ATrip to Sentosa Island by Graduates Class

ProjectPlan and Budget Proposal for a Graduation Trip


SentosaIsland is located 15 min from Sentosa city, Singapore in Asia. Thescene is fun with array of themed attractions and award-winning sparretreats, golden sandy beaches, lush rainforests, world renowned golfcourses, resort accommodations, luxurious residences and deep-wateryachting marina.

Mapshowing Sentosa Island

Objectivesfor organizing the trip and the target participants

Thisproject plan presents the activities that will take place during thegraduates trip to Sentosa Island. The plan presents the proposal forthe six-day activities as proposed by the Graduation committee inorder to get approval to organize the trip and secure funding. Thetargeted funding is 50 percent of the total costs (as presented inthe budget). The graduation class will be the main participants inthis trip. The graduates will complete their courses by the end ofJune 2015. The main objective of the trip is to celebrate forsuccessfully completing the courses as well as have a time outtogether as a class.


Themajor deliverable for this plan is the pre-plan, budget and timeplan. The low level deliverables include departure time, the arrivaltime and the visits to Sea Aquarium, Cape Royale, Hotel &amp Spars,Animal And Bird Encounters rnd the return Journey, booking the busesand flights, making payments and seeking funds. The targetdestination will be Sentosa Island. The group will comprise of 75graduates. The main means of transport will be by ferry to Hong Kong,then take a flight to Sentosa and daily shuttles to the respectivesites. Buses will be used to take students from school to the ferryarea and back.

Activitiesto Plan


Thegraduates will meet and choose representatives to act as theorganizing committee for the trip. The graduate committee willspearhead planning, budget preparation, budget proposal and seekfunding. The main predecessors of the budget and funding is making ofnecessary preparation. For instance, the class will meet some daysprior to the visit and organize themselves on how to go about thetrip. This will involve dividing themselves into groups as may seembest. Each group will be assigned a group leader who will ensure thatall the tasks assigned are executed appropriately.

Deliverable2: Timelines

DepartureTime (from School to Sentosa):The departure time will be 8am Tuesday so that the students be atHong Kong airport by 10.40am. This implies that all the studentsshould have arrived before 8am. The class representative with thehelp of two other graduates will be in charge of ensuring that allthe students have arrived and have boarded the bus by 8am to theferry dock.

Arrivaltime:The students will arrive in Hong Kong by 9.30 and check-in before thedeparture time, 10.40am. The flight will take 3hrs 40 minutes andthey will arrive at Sentosa at 1440hrs. They will be allowed 1hourlunch break after which they’ll be taken to their respective rooms.

Day’sActivities: The group leaders appointed will communicate to the members theactivities involved, the sites to visit, the time allocated for eachsite and any other information necessary for successful execution ofthe day’s activities. The group leaders will communicate theactivities for the six days Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,Saturday and Sunday. The class representative will be the overalloverseer in this trip and will be assisted by the group leaders. Itis anticipated that the graduates would have visited all the plannedsites by 6pm on Saturday evening. The students will spend Saturdaynight bonding with each other, enjoying music, dancing and having funtime. During this time, graduates will be allowed to have fun andalso interact with some professionals who would have been sought bythe committee before then. This chance will be critical since thegraduates are going into the professional field and need guidance onhow what to expect and the best approach to venture into theprofessional field.

Sitesto Visit

  • Sea aquarium

  • Hotels and Spars

  • Cape Royale

  • Animal and Bird Encounters

  • Sentosa Zoo

DepartureTime (From Sentosa to School):The students will be required to have finished up all the activitiesby Sunday and assemble at the bus parking by 8 am for departure fromSentosa back to school. Thereafter, the project leader will give theclosing remarks and release the graduates to their homes.


Asper the budget, it is anticipated that 75 graduates will attend.Nevertheless, based on the fact that most graduates have been inschool and raising the money for the trip may be a major drawback, itis anticipated that the school will fund the trip by at most 50percent. The funds will be channeled through the student’s councilto the graduates’ class. The budget will be presented to thestudents’ welfare department on Monday, 22ndJune to give enough time for processing of the funds.


MSProject Dash Board


Budget for 2-day Weekend trip to Sentosa for Graduate Class


Cost/pp (HK$)

Total Cost (HK $)

Ferry Charges to and fro Economy Class (Hongkong-Macau)



Flight to and fro (Hongkong-Sentosa) +Accomodation



Daily shuttles to various sites



Site entry fees



6 hot breakfasts



1×3 Course Dinner_Saturday Night



Party Night_Saturday Night



Bus fare (School-Ferry)










Portny, S., &amp Brian, E. (2008). Project Management. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.



Flights:HKG to Singapore( Tuesday 7thJuly- Sun 12thJuly)






Hoteland Spars

Animaland Bird Encounters