Pros and Cons of Being “Yourself” Versus Being a Politically Savvy


Prosand Cons of Being “Yourself” Versus Being a Politically Savvy

Foreffective self-disclosure, a leader should possess good communicationskills. Effective communication in the workplace is essential andhelps reduce conflict, unnecessary competition, as well as fosterteamwork. In the professional market today, one has to be politicallysavvy to maintain their jobs. However,being “yourself” incommunication can be equated with honesty. It has potential benefitsif well-conceived, timed and consistent with the norms and culture ofan organization. The advantage of being “yourself” is the factthat one can evaluate each option and compare it to the messagecontext, audience and the objectives. In contrast, not being“yourself” makes one to make choices based on what’s easier,rather than take into concern the wants and preferences of theintended audience. Potential drawbacks of not being “yourself” in an organization, includes the issue of credibility and can fosterdistrust, hinder teamwork, hurt reputation as well as lead toalienation of employees.

Onthe other hand, in leadership being a politically savvy individual issignificant despite the fact that it is considered the mostmysterious trait in an organization. In fact, sometimes politicallysavvy individuals can be labeled as backstabbing manipulators. Beinga politically savvy “credible chameleon” is linked withcredibility issues and connected to manipulation of other people’sopinion. Moreover, politically savvy people use different approachesand tactics to achieve a certain goal. However, some leaders who arepolitically savvy “credible chameleon” suffer from a poorreputation and believed to sacrifice the truth for their owninterests. Therefore, in strategic communication, being “yourself”can be beneficial compared to being a politically savvy “crediblechameleon” since enthusiasm cannot be faked for a long time (Burns,Bradley, Weiner, Shortell &amp Kaluzny, 2012).


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