Rayovac Corporation Class



Thecase study discusses the Rayovac Corporation and its future and pastprospects. The Rayovac Corporation is the top third United Statesproducer of batteries. Additionally, the corporation has beenassociated with being the top marketer of batteries worldwide. Someof the Rayovac Corporation’s products include

  • Hearing aid batteries

  • Chargers

  • Rechargeable batteries

  • Lighting products

  • Grooming products

  • Electric shaving

  • Computer backup

  • Lantern

Generalbatteries and another assortment of personal care items.

Therechargeable market opportunity for Rayovac Company.

AlthoughThe Rayovac Company has always been ranked after Gillette andDuracell Company, it had an enormous impact on the US economy in theearly 90s. Unfortunately, the Rayovac Company did not have a positivenet income in the beginning because battery consumers were not wellinformed that the Rayovac had equal quality products to those ofDuracell and Energizer at a cheaper price. Later in the 1996, thecompany had a rebirth, through a change in management and marketingstrategies, thus making the Rayovac Company more competitive withbrands like Duracell, Gillette, and Energizer. According to the casestudy since 2004, the Rayovac Company has been able to achieve an 8%share of market globally and about 10% share of the market in Canada(Thomas, ‎Raymond, ‎Ramon, Charles, &amp Michael, 2015).

Growthopportunity for the Royavac Company

Theintroduction of Royavac products like the rechargeable battery wasintroduced to other countries in North America, Japan, and Chinaprovided a viable growth opportunity. Some of the opportunitiesinclude

  • Utilizing NiMH technology to increase competition

  • Drive rechargeable product line to gain market share

  • The replacement of Alkaline batteries because they are very costly

  • A chance of Promoting of rechargeable batteries as opposed to the competitors

  • Made competitors fear cannibalizing of sales

Strategyto pursue when the Rayovac Company enters the Market include

  • Expand on the volume of rechargeable battery production in North America and Canada Market

  • Utilize the company resources to focus on better marketing strategies by focusing on Niche market

  • Counteract any obstacle that may hinder the distribution of the product

  • The company needs to utilize marketing tools like SWOT analysis and PEST analysis so as to determine the financial implications, possible threats or opportunities.

  • Developing a target market that consists of both light and heavy users

  • Developing a pricing strategy, the rechargeable batteries need to be affordable (Baker, 2003).

Forthe Royavac company to undertake the strategies mentioned earlier,there are a Number of financial implications like

  • Investment of a lot more capital

  • Possible losses or profits

  • Some of the strategies may take time to be effective

Someof the risk associated with the target, price, distribution andvolume strategy include

  • Counterfeit products may be introduced to the market at a cheap price by Asian manufacturers

  • The leaders of the market may not respond positively

  • Canadians may not be interested to adopt the new technology

  • The retailer may be reluctant to push, sell or encourage the use the new products

  • Consumer too may not have enough confidence to buy the product

  • Using adverts and promotions to educate consumers can be too costly initially (Thomas, ‎Raymond, ‎Ramon, Charles, &amp Michael, 2015).

Educatingthe user about the originality, usage and benefits of using therechargeable battery is the only sure way to mitigate the risksassociated with the target, price, distribution and volume strategy.Additionally the user, retailers or wholesaler should have the skillof detecting a fake product. Market plan for rechargeable batterywill incorporate the following Branding techniques

  • Use of distinctive colors

  • Use of logos and slogans

  • Use of unique product packaging

  • Use of unique product qualities

  • Easy to remember product names

Whilechoosing a target market, it is crucial to consider the distributionand ease of access to the product. Also, there is need to considerthe prices and class of the customers, and there are the heavy userswho are mainly families who made the highest number of customers.It’s good to have an affordable product that will cater for thefamily needs adequately. A communication and support from thechannel is equally important in the marketing plan. Some of thedecisions to be taken include

  • Having a reliable support team

  • The team has a duty of reaching the customer and collecting reviews

  • In turn, the company will respond to review toward making the rechargeable battery efficient and effective

  • Helping in making an essential decision regarding the making the right decision, choosing the target market, communicate and gaining channel support.

  • It is also important for the Rayovac Company to use a diversification strategy through the use of and information technology so as to enable all functions to run smoothly and efficiently.

Inconclusion, the rechargeable battery is the most viable solution forcheap renewable energy. With proper management and marketingstrategies being set in place, the usage of the Royavac rechargeablebatteries will be widespread (Baker, 2003).


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