Reading comprehension


Question 1

A rose for Emily contains elements that are associated with Gothictraditions in horror stories. It evokes the southern gothic fictionand grotesque through its tone of gloom, understated violence, murderand terror. It is an exceptional example of horror stories especiallyin scenes where unimaginable dark images of a mysteriousdisappearance of a servant appear followed by murder, a corpse, and adecomposing mansion. Besides that, the horrible presence ofnecrophilia in the story, an erotic sexual attraction to corpses isgreatly disturbing. Miss Emily poisons and kills Homer Barronmysteriously and keeps the corpse in her bedroom where she sleepsnext to it for years making the story dreadful.

Question 7

The author speaks of buildings and structures describing Miss Emilyas a fallen monument. The house itself is a fallen monument havinglost its former glory through neglect with its exterior rotting.Related images of the fallen monument are evident in the musty unusedrooms, which appear to be more like a mausoleum, or a prison thatEmily spends years locked in. In one scene, a dim hall from which astairway mounted into more still shadows is used to describe thestairway.

Miss Emily is described as a fallen monument when the communitycomes to pay their tribute to her. The tribute is not out of genuinesorrow upon her demise but more of a respectful affection for a womanwho lived an exemplary life. She is a monument for not conforming tothe societal demands in her times and refusing to accept change justas an immobile old monument that never shifts from its spot.