Recruitment of the Hilton Hotel Front Desk Agent


Recruitmentof the Hilton Hotel Front Desk Agent

Humanresource is an essential department because it helps an organizationto identify suitable professionals for specific tasks. Successfulorganizations in the hospitality industry associate the developmentto the informed recruitment procedures. A recentPricewaterhouseCoopers study asserts that the businesses that arededicated to accomplish their customers and employees’ desiresfocus on career development, communications and culture orientation.Suitable recruitment methods enhance identification of skilledindividuals in a given field, as well as reconcile the labor demandwith the existing supply. The following are prospective approachesthat the Hilton Hotel can use to recruit a Front Desk agent.


Justlike other hospitality businesses, hiring from within is a suitablestrategy that the Hilton Hotel can use. The approach involvesidentifying the skilled and motivated employees who can serve atsenior positions such as management. As such, the managers mainlyrecruit entry level employees for the junior positions that do notrequire sophisticated skills such as organization. There arenumerous benefits that the enterprise would in turn acquire from thishiring approach. First, the promoted employees acquire motivation toperform even better because they want to prove they are the rightpeople for the job as well as enable them to rise to a higherposition. Second, the other staff members acquire determination toperform even better so that they can rise on the corporate ladder.Third, it facilitates accurate identification of individuals suitedfor specific jobs. The management has observed the overallperformance of the individuals during the period they have worked inthe organization hence, they are at a better position to selectprofessionals who can suitable fill a given position. Fourth, ithelps to create a successive career growth. The employees can risefrom mere employees to senior managerial positions as they acquirehigher skills in their field of specialization. Fifth, the managementwould prefer the recruitment approach because it the recruitment costis lower compared with the external outsourcing. Finally, the cost ofrecruiting an internal employee is lower compared to hiringexternally since the professional is familiar with the organization’soperation regulations.


Onthe other hand, the hotel can also use external recruitment. Theapproach is suitable if the receptionist will be working under thesupervision of another skilled professional. The firm needs the besttalents in the industry in order to remain at the top of thecompetition. This approach would facilitate poaching of the toptalents from other hotels. Subsequently, it aids in the introductionof innovative and distinct reasoning approach needed to break thestatus quo in the Hilton Hotel administration. Second, the staff incharge of the recruitment has a chance to interview candidates whoassists them to understand the external market environment. Some ofthe candidates may have worked in rival businesses, therefore, theymay provide valuable knowledge they could have acquired in theirprevious workplace during the interview.

TheHilton Hotel- Job Vacancy Announcement

Position Front Desk Agent Position

Reportsto: Front office manager


Themajor personal traits include the ability to accommodate the visitorsand making them feel welcome. Providing information to them andpromote the feeling of care during the visitors stay at the hotel.The person should relate to the visitors in a helpful and friendlymanner and be willing to go an extra mile to ensure satisfaction.


Determinethe reservation status of guests and identify the period of stay atthe hotel. Assist the guests in completing registration cards. Assignrooms. Accommodation of special requests whenever possible. Verifythe guest’s method of payment and follow the credit checkingprocedures. Management of guests and rooms information and theoverall front desk rack. Work with the house keeping department inupdating the room status reports. Coordinate requests for maintenanceand repair work. Maintaining the guest room’s key storage andsupervision of the access to safe deposit boxes.


  • Registration of guests

  • Assist in the preregistration and blocking the rooms for reservation

  • Adhere to proper credit, check and cash handling policies and procedures

  • Conduct room status and room tracking operations

  • Understand room locations, types of rooms available and the rates.

  • Coordinate the room status updates with the house keeping department by notification of all check outs, late check outs, early check-ins, special requests and day use rooms

    • Possess a working knowledge of reservations department. Take same day reservations and future reservations when necessary

  • Understand the Marriott Hotels cancellation procedures

  • Filling of the room keys

  • Knowledge of the usage of the front office equipment

  • Process guest check outs

  • Use of the proper telephone etiquette

  • Use proper mail, package, and message handling procedures.

  • Attending departmental meetings of the hotel


Education:Undergraduate degree in hospitality (required), candidates with amaster’s degree will be given first priority. Must speak, write andunderstand the primary language used in the workplace ability tospeak French and Española is preferable.

Experience:The candidate should have a minimum 3 years’ experience as a frontdesk agent the hospitality industry and specifically in a five starhotel.

Physical:The position requires fingering, writing, grasping, sitting, walking,repetitive motions, hearing, and visual acuity and may occasionallyhave to lift and carry weights ranging to 40 pounds.


Applicationsreview and screening

Thefirst stage shall involve reviewing and screening of applicants whichshall take approximately four weeks maximum depending with the numberof applications received. It shall be conducted by an externalrecruitment agent in effort to minimize the effect of receiving largeapplications. The recruitment agent will review and screen all theapplicants’ information in their resumes, at the agent’s office,with regards to academic and experience competencies. The agent shallalso be responsible for conducting background checks of theapplicants. The process shall involve counterchecking whether thestated referees and the educational documents provided are genuine.In addition, the agent shall confirm that the stated experiences arefactual. After reviewing and screening, the recruitment agents shallshortlist and forward to the company, five of the most appropriatecandidates to the company for further evaluation.


Thecandidates will be separately invited for interviews at the Hiltonhotel board room where they will be repetitively interviewed by thehuman resource manager, the front desk manager and the hiringmanager. Each candidate shall be interviewed on a single day theprocess shall take five days for the five candidates. The candidateswill be evaluated by the Hilton human resource manager who willidentify the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate and theirshort and long-term goals. The aim is to identify how well thecandidate suits with the goal of the Hilton hotel

Thenext interview will involve a front desk manager who will evaluatethe capability of the candidate in the stated position. It willestablish the personal characteristics at the work place and gaugewhether they can work together since the candidate shall reportdirectly to the front desk manager. The manager will further evaluatethe candidate’s approach towards various customer servicescenarios. The aim of the interview is to evaluate whether thecandidate has the ability to expose the values a of the Hilton hotel.For example he will ask, “A customer wasn`t happy with the hoteland doesn`t want to be charged for the room. What actions do youtake?&quot The final interview shall include the hiring manager whowill evaluate the salary requirements from each candidate to evaluatethe affordability of the candidate by the Hotel.


Finallythe candidates shall under go through a testing process. A drugscreening shall be conducted at the Hilton’s medical center locatedwithin the hotel by the hospitals specialist and will includeobtaining samples from the candidates to test for drug addiction.Finally, the hotels psychologist located in the medical center toestablish whether this is the appropriate career for the candidatesshall conduct a psychological test. The medical and other reportsshall be taken back to the human resource manager who shall determinethe most appropriate candidate. The candidate shall be offered withthe job offer at the Hilton hotel.