Reflection on a Video Underage Drinking Should Be Banned

Reflectionon a Video: Underage Drinking Should Be Banned

Reflectionon a Video: Underage Drinking Should Be Banned

Thevideo “Underage drinking should be banned” analyzes the menace ofunderage drinking, which is currently a global challenge. Mostimportantly, the video identifies the key factors that increase therisk of teens to engage in underage drinking and the negative effectsof the underage drinking. From the video, sellers of alcohol,advertisements, and movies are some of the key factors that enticeteens to drink. In addition, the video documents the keydisadvantages of underage drinking, which include bad mood, indirecteffects (such as dehydration, sleep interruption, gastrointestinalproblems, low blood sugar, and headache), and brain damage. The videohighlights the major long-term effects of underage drinking thatinclude alcohol poisoning and impaired immunity that results fromnutritional imbalance. Towards the end, the video highlights therelationship that exists between underage drinking and history aswell as culture. In overall, the video addresses three criticalaspects that pertain to underage drinking, which include the riskfactors, effects, and the influence of culture and history on theunderage drinking.


Thereare three major lessons learned from the video. First, the videoinforms that advertisements and movies attack teens into drinking.This is absolutely correct because advertisements and movies have asignificant impact on the thinking patterns of the targeted audience.In addition, most teens are likely to imitate the lifestyles of thecharacters they see in movies by assuming that their conducts areideal and worth trying. It becomes more unfortunate when characters,especially the heroic ones, are filmed drinking alcohol.

Secondly,the video informs much about the effects, which the video directorcalls the disadvantages, of underage drinking. Health effects ofunderage drinking are highlighted clearly for the viewer to follow.In addition, the pictorial presentation of the side effects ofdrinking makes the video even more informative. For example, thedirect effects are highlighted and pointed to specific organs thatare affected. Therefore, viewers can easily establish therelationship between drinking and dehydration and the effect of thisrelationship on kidney functions.

Third,the video presents shocking statistics that indicate the currentsituation and trends regarding the issue of underage drinking. Thesestatistics inform that about a third of deaths caused by drunkdrivers happen to individuals aged between 16 and 20 years. It isshocking to learn that approximately 10.8 million underage Americanstake alcohol. In addition, the video informs that only one out 100parents accept and believe the fact that their teens are bingedrinkers.

Areasto be improved

Althoughthe video highlights the key factors that attract and drag theunderage into drinking, it fails to indicate how the relationshipbetween these factors and underrate drinking comes into existence.For example, the video would be more informative if its director gavea few sentences or words to explain how sellers of alcoholic drinksattract the underage. The explanation is important because undernormal circumstances, it would be expected that an underage personshould be influenced by other factors to visit the points of sale.

Inaddition, it is common sense and widely understood that peer pressureis the leading risk factor for underage drinking. To this end, thevideo may appear to be incomplete to viewers who hold this belief. Itwould, therefore, be important to discuss the peer influence in thesection that highlights factors that attract the underage to drink.

Althoughthe video highlights the major side effects of underage drinking, itwould be more informative and easy to follow if these effects areclassified in a comprehensive way. For example, the video directorcan classify the side effects into social and social effects ofunderage drinking. These categories can be further sub-divided intolong-term and short-term impacts.

Inoverall, the content of the video is correct, but the organization ofthe information can be further enhanced. The video presents importantstatistics in the middle. The video should have been introduced withthese statistics in order to show the viewer an overview of the issuebeing discussed in the video.

Thevideo should also be edited to remove the grammar errors that mightprevent the viewers from getting the message as intended. Forexample, the paragraph entitled “No matter culture or history”has several grammatical errors that make it difficult to understandthe relationship between the two factors (the German culture and theChinese History) and underage drinking.

Thetitle of the video states “Underage drinking should be banned”,but the main content of the article indicates that the legal drinkingage starts at 21 years. Therefore, the main issue should not bebanning of underage drinking because it has already been illegalized.Therefore, the laws to address the issue of underage drinking are inplace, but enforcement if the major drawback. This implies that thelaw has failed to resolve the underlying problems of underagedrinking. In conclusion, the video will be more informative andaddress the issue in a balanced way, if it offers alternativesolutions that can be used to curtail underage drinking.