Research question 2

Researchquestion 2

1.Approved research question from Module

1(Whatis the impact of demographic-based community prevention services onAfrican American, Hispanic and homosexual men, who representpopulations that are disparately impacted by new rates of infectionsof HIV/AIDS).

2.StudyDesign: Describe your proposed study design. Include a rationale forthis study design.

Thestudy design that would be utilized for the research question is thecross-sectional study. Through a cross-sectional study design, itwill be possible to determine the association between preventionservices, homosexuality and the prevalence of HIV/AIDS (Krishnaswamy,2006). 3.Study Population: Describe your study population. What criteria willyou be using for the subjects in your study? If you are proposing acase control study, how are you defining cases and controls?

Thestudy population will be a mixture of all males, includinghomosexual, non homosexuals. The criteria that will be used will beevaluation of the effectiveness of preventive measures for nonhomosexuals and homosexuals and the prevalence of HIV/AIDs (Kothari,2005).

4.Description of sampling method. Will you be using simple randomsampling or another method? Provide a brief rationale.

Theresearch will use a simple random method. This is because thevariables are simple and the study being carried out is based on thecorrelation between homosexuality and the prevalence of HIV/AIDs(Kothari, 2005).

5.Description of data sources or data collection methods. Are youproposing to use data that has already been collected or are youproposing to collect new data? What time period are you proposing toexamine? Describe the data sources and/or survey methods that youwill be using.

Thedata will be obtained from the department of health in the affectedcommunities. The study will rely on collected information, which willfrom the basis for its analysis (Kothari, 2005).

6.Descriptionof independent and dependent variables. Include a table whichcontains the variable and the variable type (e.g. dichotomous,ordinal, categorical, continuous). Describe how the variable will beoperationalized (i.e how it will be defined or measured in yourproposed study).









AIDs prevalence



7.Descriptionof analytic methods Describe what statistical method will be used toanalyze the results for your two variables. Discuss your rationale.

Theanalysis method that will be used in the study is the analysis of theassociation in categorical variables. The two variables, homesexuality, preventive measures, and prevalence of HIV/AIDs arecategorical variables whose association is being studied(Krishnaswamy, 2006). 8.Discuss limitations of the proposed study

Thelimitation of the proposed study is because of the human factor andthe inefficiency in the information provided. Therefore, the researchmight yield inconsistent results that are skewed (Kothari, 2005).


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