Research Questions What is the impact of demographic-based community

ResearchQuestions: What is the impact of demographic-based communityprevention services on African American, Hispanic and homosexual men,who represent populations that are disparately impacted by new ratesof infections of HIV/AIDS.1.Forthe research question you selected (in Module 1 case), compare theadvantages / disadvantages of using each of the following studydesigns: 1) cohort (prospective and retrospective), 2) case control,and 3) cross-sectional.

Thecohort, case control, and cross sectional study designs are effectivestudy designs that could be useful for the research question. Thereare various advantages of disadvantages of using these study designs.Cross-sectional study is simple, ethically safe and has a constant oftime. However, cross-sectional study design may not permit thedifferences on causal effect basis. On the other hand, cohort studyprovides a situation where the subjects are matched and variousoutcome variables. The disadvantage with cohort study design is thatthe identification of controls is at times difficult. For the casecontrol study, it is a feasible design used to study rare disordersbut also it is difficult to select control group (Kothari, 2005).

2.Whichstudy design would you utilize? Provide support for your proposedstudy design.The study design that would be utilized for the research question isthe cross-sectional study. Through a cross-sectional study design, itwill be possible to determine the association between preventionservices, homosexuality and the prevalence of HIV/AIDS (Krishnaswamy,2006). 3.Specify what you will use as controls for your study. How will theybe selected (in comparison to the rest of the study sample)? Providea rationale.

Thecontrols that will be used for the research question will be thenon-homosexuals. 4.Describe how the data will be collected for the research question youidentified in Module 1 case:Thevariables used for the study will be prevention service, homosexuals,and prevalence of HIV/AIDS. Data will be provided about the number ofhomosexuals, non homosexuals, and the prevention services that havebeen provided to these communities. It is not possible to collectdata on AIDs and homosexuality since not everyone is willing tohonestly say they are homosexuals or have contacted AIDs. This meansthat the research will have to rely on the existing databases(Kothari, 2005).


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