Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare


Romeoand Juliet by William Shakespeare:


Romeoand Juliet by William Shakespeare:

  1. Directorial Vision Statement.

Shakespeareis one of the greatest play-writers and poet as well.He leftmore than forty masterpieceworksaround the world, he had never learntabout how to write but his personal experience and aptitudemade him a guruin literature history.

Amonghis greatworks are,Romeoand Julietalwaysbe mistakenly thought as one of the fourth Shakespeare works, dueto its so profoundfame around the world. Mostof Shakespeare’s play are comedies. AlthoughShakespeare’s four great tragedies and comedies lay the specialfoundation of him in the European literature history,Romeo and Julietmiserable love story also pickedcenter stage to win recognition.Upto dateRomeo and Juliet are always thought as teenageloveexample and this play was alsoaspopular as HamletinShakespeare’s era(WilliamShakespeare, 2015).

Thescript of Romeoand Julietwas spokenwidely by play-writers.Hundreds ofyears ago, as the vanguard of drama, Shakespeare applied several kindform of writing methods based on different societalbackgrounds.Take Romeoand Juliet asan example, it was created in the 1590swhich was a developmentperiodfor England, During the creation of Romeoand Juliet andalsothelife and death of King Richard II,Shakespeare tried to use a more captivatingwritingmethod. So,he used the metaphorsand symbolsto foreshadow the developing plots. Based on the first act, “Bitethe Thumb”sucha symbolictool inthis script. Thisis because“ Bite the Thumb” represents a kind of insult to others at that time,andbased on this, itsuggestfelthatredtowards each other. It is difficult to analyze all acts in Romeoand Juliet, soI choose the first act as an example, sothat Ipresent my own view from directorial vision statement insight.

Thefirst act in the script is significant, because it has the leadingeffect. At thestage play every main character willfirstshow howhe/shewill influence their acting throughthe effectsand astrikingbeginning act will decide whether theplay is interestingornot.Onmy point of view, the first script will introduce thebasic background to theaudiences and thecharacters’roles haveto be clearly shown.So if the first act in a play can perfectly construct a warmatmosphere, thenthe script willbecomea successful script. In the first script ofRomeo and Juliet,we can obviously find thetwo basic elements. Theyare,backgroundandsynopsisatthe prologue section.Shakespeare used short sentences to express his exactfeelingof the story, he wentfurther in using“star-crossedlove” and “death-markedlove” to show his uniqueliteraturetechnique.His original literature workis worthy to learn. Inthe prologue, he made a short but clearexpression of thebasic backgrounds and all the succeedingplotscontinuedalong this clue. Ina play-write, I will take Shakespeare’s script as an example andlearn something onhis piecearrangements (WilliamShakespeare, 2015).

Aftera literature and practical prologue, audiences can know thebasic information about the classical lovestorythat unfolds.The whole script is mainly organized in the conversation modeandalsomainly showed through characters talking. Shakespeare’s kind ofwriting method is thought highly of ashe took every scene seriously and through characters conversations toexpress his literature and art. Unlikely,Romeo and Juliet donotshow up at the very beginning of the play, instead this story startsfrom two servants’ quarrellingand whobelong to Capulet. Thetwoservant’s conversation create a lively scene. Thewords used by Shakespeare create afunnysituation, because he used lots of rhetorical breaksinthisconversation, andat thesame time those rhetorical devices are closely relatedwith thefollowingplots and foreshadow the tragic ending. Take Smapson’s sentence asan example:“A dog of that house shall move me to stand: I will take the wallof any man or maid of Montague’s.”Inthis sentence,Shakespeare used similar and exaggerated rhetorical devices, creatinga man who wants to exercise his superiority and strive to put othersdown but actually is found of cowardlytalking. There are also many interesting conversationsthat createlots of funny momentsandperpetuatethereading interest, At this time, we may ignore those trivialfunny moments, but at that time this kind of style was only used byShakespeare, this must one of the reason why Shakespeare had won suchan achievement and foreverhonoredin literature history (WilliamShakespeare, 2015).

TakePrince’sfirst paly lines as an example, in order to keep order and break upthe audience’s boredom, he has many lines of words, althoughShakespeare used short sentences but during the real performance itis also difficult to handle this part.Thus,I will change those lines into several conversations by interactionbetween Princeand the audience.However, the change is only suitablefor therealperformance onstage,as for a script for the readers, Shakespeare’s expression is wellenough. Actually,Shakespeareused lots of interesting expressivemethods on Romeoand Juliet,butthis never happened in anyof theother plays,even if you just read the first act you will think he is really afunny man. However after this funny situation, Romeo will meet Julietand this pair of “star-crossedlovers” would begin their “death-markedlove”(WilliamShakespeare, 2015).

Manypeople may consider why I choose the first act in &ltRomeo andJuliet&gt, it is not the most interesting and it is not the mostclassic, except several representative description there is nothingoutstanding left. However, in my point of view, the beginning is themost original part among the whole script. Because during creation itis the most original part, it includes the basic ideas of guidingliterary creation and it also express the original thought from theauthor. In Romeoand Juliet,Shakespeare made a literature and art style prologue, introducing thecenter spirit while showing his humanism. Also at the first act,Juliet met Romeo. We have discussed Romeo and the script backgroundenough at the former content, we have to pay our attention to thisbeautiful young lady-Juliet. She was set to be only 14 years old, inour time, 14 years old is such a tender age and isnot consideredto think about love or marrying. However, in Shakespeare time, Julietalready became been a mother. At the first act, Capulet family made agreat party for Juliet and courtesy to this party, Romeo met Juliet,this pair of “star-crossedlovers” fell in love with each other at first sight. Juliet is asmart girl from a wealthy and influential family, from the first actwe can obviously tell her characteristics. Shakespeare did not paymuch attention to describe how two young men met each other, butbecause of his bound-forward method, helet this script unrollthefull of romantic elements. It really arouses young men’s mentalsympathyeveryyoung man wants to meet his princess and every young women is hopingfor the same.Thisis the magic of Shakespeare, he always hadtheability to let unbelievable story seemtrue.Fromthe first act, we can find thatShakespeare logic process is very reasonable.

Sucha confused young man met Juliet who is a simple girl andinher first bloom of love. It is really a smooth love story which matchevery one’s beautiful childhood. It is said that Romeoand Julietwas rewrote by Shakespeare, it is not an original story.As for me, the most significant element of Shakespeare is about hiscreation and gifted literature and art feeling. All the value he gaveus, is original and truly intentional. Only great things can migratefrom hundreds of years ago (WilliamShakespeare, 2015).Atthe first act, Romeo is annoyed by another beautiful woman, his paintowards love shows his characteristic obviously. He was just ateenager but a young master in a powerfulandinfluentialfamily, however at his first reaction to love, he must havebeena different master in that period and all of Montague and Capulet’smasteryshow-upat the first act also make a suggestion about their discardedunpleasant memories. As for me, I may not have such a predictionability to arrange everything at the first act. But I will also makea betterarrangementof all relevantcharacters,I will want to add more detailedargument between Mrs. Montague and Mrs. Capulet while retelling theircontradictions to advancethe plot developing with Romeo and Juliet relationship changing thenmake the whole story more reasonable. However, if promoting two linesat the same time, it may make the play difficult to understand. Atthe end ofRomeoand Juliet,the twofamilies were on good terms again, I do appreciate Shakespeare’smeticulous-thought pattern (WilliamShakespeare, 2015).

  1. Root Conflict Statement:

Shakespearepreferrednatureperformance methods, so he used funny but real words to create theconversation liveliness.Every time youreadSampson and Gregory’s conversation, it creates a sense of humor,because while reading them it is easyto notice thetwo naughty servants arguing. Every line representsa character. Besides thefunny description, Shakespeare’s literature and art is reallyoutstanding in this script. Every play comes from life, hence,Shakespeare can use different angles to display every totallydifferent characteristic (WilliamShakespeare, 2015).

Why,then, O brawling love! O loving hate! O anything, of nothing firstcreate! O heavy lightness! Serious vanity! Mis-shapen chaos ofwell-seeming forms! Feather of lead, bright smoke, cold fire-sickhealth! Still-waking sleep that is not what it is! This love feel Ifeel no love in this. Dost thou not laugh? (WilliamShakespeare, 2015).

Thiswas hundreds of years ago English represented a deep constructionwhile a young man was experiencing love. Before Romeo shows up, hisearlierdescriptiongives us a vivid idea of anaffectionate young man, Montague had such a good description of hisson:

Manya morning hath he there been seen, with tears augmenting the freshmorning dew. Adding to clouds more clouds with his deep sighs Butall so soon as the all-cheering sun Should in the furthest east beginto draw The shady curtains from Aurora`s bed, Away from the lightsteals home my heavy son, And private in his chamber pens himself,Shuts up his windows, locks far daylight out And makes himself anartificial night: Black and portentous must this humor prove, Unlessgood counsel may the cause remove. (WilliamShakespeare, 2015).

Maybeit would be of literature and art for today’s popular Avant-gradeplay, and I will also not use this writing method, but the beautifulimplication in it, worth isconsidered.However, I may use the first scene of the first act to freeze-framethe one of the most classical acts whereRomeoand Juliet died in thecemeterythen launchthestory in aflashback method. Usingflashback method resemblesthe retelling of the story, andbesides,itcanalsostressthe key issuesexpressedby theauthor. Basedon moderncultural backgrounds,I would also not use such an amount of literature and play lines. Iprefer to use more lively words just like it happens inthedaily life and all characters reactionswould arouse sympathy among the audience.Of course, rhetoric expressions also need to be used to create dramaeffect (WilliamShakespeare, 2015).

Thereare nearly 10 characters in the first act, however, when it comes tothe second act the characters are reducedandthe main story is focusedon Romeo and Juliet. Although there are many characters inRomeo and Juliet,allof them are an integral part of the story. Everycharacter setting is used to promote the developing plot and everyplay has a continuedsuggestion.Sampson and Gregory’s conversation suggests great contradictionbetween Montague family and theCapulet family.Romeo’sfirst approachabout love suggests thathis is full of enthusiasm.

  1. Design Elements:

  • Set- This will represent the physical world of the piece as shown below

Figure1- Set Design

  • Costumes- This is a graphical representation of the costume/make-up choice as shown below:

Figure2- Costume Design

  • Lights- This represents the lighting scenario of the acting piece as illustrated below:

Figure3- Design Lights

  • Props- This are the hand-held items used by the actors as illustrated below:

Figure4- Design props

  1. Floor plan-

This isthe anticipated graphical representation of the actual floor, done ina bird’s eye view. It is where the production equipment will bemounted placement of design elements.

Figure5- Design floor plan

  1. Program Note:

This is a one-page essay thatcreates for inclusion in a program accompanying the piece. This ismeant to offer any needed insight on the piece to a potentialaudience. This includes coverage of the creation process or perhapsthe own feelings about the choices made in the work. This alsoincludes any needed historical context for the piece or informationabout the genesis of the piece (which may include a brief history ofthe script itself or previous productions of the piece) (WilliamShakespeare, 2015).

Inanalyzingthis great script, the sense of criticismis always along with praise. I do not have the ability to judgeShakespeare’s work, but if I am a director of this script I willmake some change to make it better. Because it is a play script, andonce it is performed it will be warmlyreceivedby thepublic. Lookingatthe whole script andnot only the first act, we can find there are variousamount of long lines for actors. Maybe it wasthe distinguishingfeatureor characteristics of that time, but in my point of view, long linesare not easyforactors to express onthe stage. Actors need ascriptto rehearse, and the aim of rehearsal process is to make a writtenstory into being a real existingone.Actors have thedutyto follow every word of thescript,however,a scriptpresentsthe essence part of thewriter’s creation, every time in rehearsal, they will spend alotof time to practice theirrespectivelines again and again. Inthefirst act in Romeoand Juliet,Shakespeare used manylong lines of words.If I’mthe director, I wouldchange the way of expression (WilliamShakespeare, 2015).


William Shakespeare Romeo andJuliet, Retrieved 6thMay 2015