Schizophreniais a unique disorder that influences abnormal social behavior and aninability to interpret reality in a normal way. Persons with thiscondition may experience hallucinations, possess a warped mentalityof reality. This may also lead them to become cynical and overlyintroverted (psychomotor retardation).It might also lead to the loseof the ability to take care of personal needs and grooming[ CITATION Rae09 l 1033 ].

TheRisks that a schizophrenic head teacher can cause to kids in schoolcan therefore not be overlooked, since he/she is, in most cases, therole model for the students.

Inthis case, it is in my best interest to divulge the information tothe relevant authorities so as to ensure that the school. Our kidsare well managed and cared for, even as mental stability is defensefor such crimes as murder, so will this mental disorder be in caseany wrong thing were to happen to the school or the students inschool. Looking closely at the effects of the above mentionedcondition, there will be more harm and loss of happiness and peaceboth to the student and parents as well, in consideration of thewelfare of all this things, it will be my moral obligation to pointout to the necessary authorities of the head teachers condition eventhough I will have divulged his confidential health information Thefact that the head teacher’s condition could be sufficient defensein the event of any irregularity or misdemeanor on his part clearlyshows that this condition compromises the welfare of others. To addon this, the effectiveness of the school is only as good as theperson who heads it[ CITATION Mar14 l 1033 ].

Consequentialitylike John Stuart Mill,who upheld the principle of utilitarianism.Which views that a deed is right if it results in the greatest goodto the many and vice versa will probably agree to report such a headteacher to the relevant authorities because his condition contraveneshis principle. In short, the consequential value of the head teacherin this school is of low value than if he/she is taken to a lesssensitive department in the school where his judgment and authoritydoes not pose a risk to students or his fellow staff[ CITATION San09 l 1033 ]


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