School shooting and gun control


Schoolshooting and gun control

Schoolshooting and gun control

Incidencesof school shootings have become an important criminal and legal issuein the United States. Some people have argued that schools shootingare as a result of liniment gun control rules others have focused onsociological and psychological factors.


Sincethe Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, gun control has attractedlegal debates, especially on tougher gun control. The debates haveresulted into several proposed laws that are aimed at controllingguns ownership in the United States.


Advocatesof gun control incorrectly blame the guns when a school shootinghappens. Instead, we need to look at the sociological andpsychological causes of school violence, such as mental illness,bullying, gang violence, and the shooters histories of aggression.


Itis wrong to blame to blame gun control laws when a mentally orpsychologically sick individual or a member of a terror gang walksinto a school compound and shoots at pupils randomly. Rather thanthe government enacting tough gun control laws, it should beaddressing the sociological and psychological causes of schoolviolence. In addition to being a constitutional right, ownership ofguns can reduce cases of violent crimes.


Proponentsof tough gun control rules have argued that to deal with theincreased cases of gun related deaths in the United States, more guncontrol is necessary. They argue that due to lenient gun controlrules, the United States has the highest number of gun relateddeaths. Tough rules will reduce cases of school shooting since gunswill be in the hands of well vetted individuals.


Bothopponent and proponent of gun control agree on the fact that iflicensed gun holders are not responsible enough, the gun can get intothe wrong hands, especially mentally ill members of the family.


Accordingto the second amendment of the United States Constitution, “a wellregulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state”.For example, a civilian with a gun can stop a mentally ill or amember of a gang in a killing spree before the law enforcementofficers arrive on the scene. Therefore, gun should not be blamedwhen school shooting happens.