Security Operational Planning


At this stage of the report, theteam lays down ways on how to improve and upgrade the Embry-RiddleAeronautical University’s hurricane management plan.

Existing Hurricane ManagementPlan

The existing hurricane plan thatis available in the University only aimed at implementing safetymeasures that apply majorly to the University’s personnel. Thecurrent plan works by ensuring that the Emergency Operations Team isconstantly observing the weather pattern from the University’smeteorology laboratory. If they come across any threats say storms orhigh winds, information is sent to the concerned department. Forexample, if the Emergency Operations Team observes the threat of aCategory III hurricane, they will first send information to therelevant department tasked with the role of evacuating the students.

Students are first advised toleave the campus as quickly as possible and then they are eithertransported home or to their quarters. The level of communicationthat the learning institution has adopted is of the highest qualityas any threats or warnings are posted on the university’s website.Each and every student also gets a message on his/her personal mobiledevice warning of the incumbent danger. An emergency telephonehotline is always in standby to provide the information to theconcerned parties. After the hurricane strike has ceased, studentsand personnel can get information on the extent of destruction on theinstitutional assets and any casualty.