Server Room

Assume that you have convertedpart of an area of general office space into a server room. Describethe factors you would consider when planning for each of thefollowing:

The server room is a crucialinvestment in every enterprise. It contains valuable informationregarding the business. As such, it needs advanced security measures.

  1. Walls and doors: Both the doors and windows should be made using thick material. Besides, they should be both fire and waterproof. Experts recommend that the room should have no windows, as unauthorized parties would be able to access the rooms easily via the openings.

  1. Physical access control: Only designated staff members should have permission to access the control room. The biometric technology is often used to enhance the level of security. Besides, the CCTVs are crucial as they do help to track the accessibility of the room.

  2. Fire detection: A fast and active system that is linked to the control room is necessary in order to ensure timely response to fire hazards. In addition, the technical team should maintain and conduct tests regularly to ascertain the system is working efficiently.

  3. Fire suppression: the installed system should not be designed to use physical materials or water content because they can both cause damage to the hardware used to store the data. In addition, the unit should be highly sensitive such that it can take an action fast when necessary. Moreover, it also requires regular maintenance in order to ensure that it is in perfect working condition.

  1. Heating, ventilating and air- conditioning: The temperature of the server room should be maintained at an optimum level. In particular, it is crucial to ascertain that the environment is stable, as well as cool so that the servers do not acquire high temperature.

  2. Power quality and distribution: a backup generator is essential to the server room as it ensures that the systems will run uninterrupted. The substitute power source is best placed behind the room so that the individuals concerned can switch it on quickly if the primary system malfunctions. It is crucial to note that the power back up supplies the essential places when a power outage occurs. However, the servers should be protected with power regulators that help to guard the servers from excess voltage.


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