Sex and Gender Issues

Sexand Gender Issues

Advertisinghas evolved overtime to accommodate evolution of social, economic,and cultural phenomena. In the advertisement by Allure the image usedis of a cover model who is also a celebrity. Furthermore, theconstruct is created in a manner that portrays confidence, beauty andsexuality (Younger, 67). These factors are identifiable from theposture, dressing, attitude and energy exuded by the image. Incomparison to past displays of femininity, the advertisement portraysincreased independence, and an embrace of femininity, overtly insociety.

Notably,from the advertisements and products being promoted, the concept ofbeauty has changed from a natural phenomenon to an aspect that can bemodified and altered. In essence, products advertisements are forbeauty modification, fighting old age and making bodily enhancements.The difference that is apparent from past phenomenon on beauty is thefact that, society takes control of nature, and tries to modify it.Additionally, sexuality is conveyed in a manner close to an idealperfect image, and people are supposed to work towards attaining thatideal state, so as to be viewed as beautiful. Susan Bordo denotesthat, the concept of plastic and bodily modification aids inachieving a state that the society considers ideal and beautiful(Bordo, 36).

TheAllure advertisement is a good example of the role promotion devicesand instruments play in shaping perception and societal beliefs.Firstly, the magazine uses a model and celebrity to advertise beautyproducts. This is intended to create a subconscious relation betweenthe model and the products. Additionally, the image used on beautymagazine indicates what society should emulate (Ross, 57).Consequently, people use products with the intention of meeting idealfeatures promotes by advertisements.


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