Social Inequalities


Parenting style is pivotal in determining the behavior and socialcharacteristics for children. The differences in the parenting stylesof working-class and middle-class draw a wide disparity indetermining the child outcomes. A “Concerted Cultivation” is aparenting lifestyle typical of middle-class parent whereby they areorganized in their children’s activities after school creating astructured lifestyle for that child. The behavior is natural withmiddle-class mothers since they have the knowledge, therefore,emphasizes it as a norm for their children. Children under thiscategory have an experience of good grammar, critical thinkingability and interaction that would be essential to securing whitecollar jobs (Lareau, 2003). However, the main shortcoming ofconcerted cultivation is that these children are less interactive tothe world matters, hence becomes quickly fed up with even toentertain themselves. Middle-class mother expects their children toreceive unique protection since they can even buy education in theprivate institutions. These behaviors create result to socialinequality between children from the wealthy families and those fromworking or poor families.

Children from working families have unstructured means of life. Theyget through different stages of life through natural growth. Thesechildren have unstructured time where they wander around theneighborhood, play with the children from the next family and enjoylife in an extended family without much interference from theparents. This freestyle motherhood denies children from the workingclass best training to secure best jobs and live a meaningful life.It means that children from the middle-class gain advantage overthose from the working class. This disparity underlines the root ofsocial inequality in the society (Lareau, 2003). However, it is goodto understand that over-scheduled lives are not as important as thefuture living of a child.


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