Street Medicine




StreetMedicine Part 2:

  1. The video explains the challenges associated with devotion to street medicines for physicians. The street medicine uses different philosophies to ensure they provide dignity to people i.e. respect and trust. The video describes doctors without walls concept of thinking globally and acting locally as applied to street medicine initiative. The program partners with the community to ensure the success of the initiative in assisting the less privileged. The physician also suggests that “street medicine” works as a team to ensure efficient service delivery (Cal Community Content, 2011). In addition, the doctor described her organization’s mission as the provision of free, volunteer medical care to the homeless. They also promote the practice of humanitarian medicine both locally and beyond

  2. The video provides a feeling of love and responsibility for the society. It develops an understanding of the need to help the vulnerable members of the community. The feeling or individual responsibility established helps in increase volunteers to the organization and support from the community to ensure adequate assistance to the less fortunate.

  3. Based on the statistics provided in the presentation, the homeless people are at higher risks and account for the greatest number of mortalities reported. Therefore, there is need to increase the support to the people by developing a personal responsibility initiative to them.

  4. Through the video explanation, I tend to concur with the doctors views on our responsibility being expanded rather than limited to hospital care. The video provides an understanding of my role as a nurse in assisting the people to ensure I develop positive impact to their lives. In my future practice, I will put greater priorities to the less fortunate and homeless in medical care since they do not have anyone to assist them.

StreetMedicine Part 3

  1. The video describes the medical backpack in which the members of the street medicine organization use to carry all their drugs to the people deserving them. The doctor explains the importance of taking the product to assist in solving medical emergencies in different situations. He compares his experiences as a mountain climbing instructor where people are away from infrastructure and medical facilities. Backpack assist in solving problems that might arise and help the community with different problems.

  2. The video also provides the feeling of responsibility as the doctors are required to carry the backpack to assist in any emergency besides their regular practice. It suggests that medical professionals should always be ready to serve any patient.

  3. The video provides basic knowledge that changes the way health care providers operate when offering care to any patient despite having all the required medical equipment. The backpack explanation suggests that health care providers should always be ready with their medicines packed to assist the patient in any place.

  4. Based on the learning, I will ensure I take greater responsibility in the society needs on health care rather than addressing few individuals. I will incorporate the backpack method in order to assist in emergencies to any patient.

StreetMedicine Part 4

  1. The video describes grafting relationships among the health workers and the people at the individual level or at the community level. The video addresses emergency care of homelessness and develops an understanding of the utilization of the emergency room. The practitioner also describes the events in the ER based on a case study to ensure effective delivery of the message.

  2. I felt the video’s explanation challenging to the medical professionals requiring them to improve their emergency response to the homeless people. It also provides a feeling that healthcare providers have a responsibility to care for the homeless.

  3. The video leads to an outcome of increasing emergency response to the homeless who are mostly affected by emergency needs. It also suggests the improvement of the homeless people’s medical cover, transport and increases their access to primary medical care.

  4. The video provides an understanding of the factors limiting the achievement of quality emergency care services to the homeless. They face numerous problems that reduce their chances of visiting the emergency room. As a result, I will incorporate the skills to ensure I can quickly identify the homeless patients and assist them accordingly. It also helps in understanding the appropriate time to go the emergency room.

StreetMedicine Part 5

  1. The video discusses ways to brainstorm the community of the street medicine program before commencing the program. It expounds ways of establishing street medicine in the community that requires adequate preparations of the people. The video suggests that street drug delivery uses different philosophies such as respect and trust, reality based, flexibility and building community among others. Members intending to start street medicine must have understanding of the community through surveys.

  2. I felt that helping the community requires one to understand the problems they face in order to develop the best ways to assist them.

  3. The outcome was involving the community in developing and preparing for the street medicine program. Their involvement in the preparation would ensure they are active in participation.

  4. The video provides insights into the need for involving all the stakeholders related to healthcare before performing any new practice. As a result, I will integrate the skills such as teamwork or communication skills learned and embrace cooperation to ensure I provide the best care needed by the patient.


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