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Thegreat depression greatly affected the economy of America and left somany people without jobs. To deal with the crisis, Franklin deRoosevelt introduced new changes that focused on three key areas:providing employment and food aid to those who were in need, recoveryof the economy to boost investor confidence and the introduction ofreforms to ensure that such an occurrence would never happen infuture.

Thereare those who feel that he did not do the right thing by extendingthe federal government into the lives of the Americans through theNew Deal programs. I concur with this argument in that the programsmainly concentrated on providing short-term solutions.

Itis important to note that the country recovered from the effects ofthe great depression, but it was after the United States startedgearing up for the word war. The economy improved but it did not endthe depression.


FranklinDelano Roosevelt was a great president who led America at a time whenthe country had gone through the great depression. Through the Newdeal, he was able to win back the interest of the investors. He madereforms to the business, agricultural and financial sectors. Thereforms he introduced in the sector of banking were essential ininstilling public confidence in the banking industry.

However,all these he did not do without using his position to influencecertain sectors. He controlled both the Democratic Party and thegovernment. Even though he successfully implemented his goals, it wasnot without influencing the judiciary too by controlling the SupremeCourt through the court packing incidence. Franklin Delano Roosevelthelped to stabilize the economy, but he also had some flaws.