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AchievingPersonal Success

JanetBrown, my aunt is a relative that I admire so much. She is my exampleof a highly successful woman as she has conquered all odds to becomea force to reckon with in the field of event management. Janet is inher early thirties and owns an events management company that has agood clientele base. I got in touch with Janet and requested for aninterview and she gladly accepted. I conducted a face-to-faceinterview because I felt it would be better than an interview overthe phone. I appreciate that she found time in between her busyschedule for this interview. Below is the interview.

Whatis your definition of success?

Mydefinition of success is living a fulfilled life by solving people’sproblems. Success is not about making so much money and living anexpensive life as most people think. It is about loving my job anddoing it to the best of my ability. It feels good to see someonesmiling and sending a ‘thank you’ note for making their eventsuccessful. That is my definition of success.

Tellme about your company?

Irun an events management company. I started this company eight yearsago after graduating from campus. While in school, I used to work asa marketer in an events management company. It is while I wasworking in that company that I felt that I would love to venture intosuch a business and even do it much better. Therefore, after school,I took a loan from my parents and added to my savings to start thecompany. The company has grown exponentially and is now a successfulcompany. The company deals with management of any kind of eventsincluding weddings, corporate events, graduation parties, hikes andany other event that a client would love planned for them. Thecompany also hires out event equipment.

Whatattributes helped you to get to the point you are now?

Ama very patient person, and also a perfectionist. I believe that ifone wants to make their clients happy, they have to go beyond theexpectations of the client in making their event successful. Throughpatience, I have learnt the secrets of the business and this has seenmy client base grow over the years. Initially, the business did nothave enough returns and I got frustrated, but through patience, I wasable to hold on and was hopeful about the future. I am glad that Idid not give up.

Whatare some of the hardships that you faced on your way to success?

Ihave experienced several hardships along the way to the point ofalmost giving up, but I encouraged myself to continue holding on. Forabout three years, there were no profits from the business and Icould not convince any creditor to help me boost my business. I livedwithout a salary and it really became difficult. I was also facingfierce competition from rival companies who offered their services ata lower cost with the intention of pushing me out of business.

Whatis the greatest achievement that you have had in this journey?

Mygreatest achievement was winning the award of entrepreneur of theyear in 2013. I looked back at the hurdles that I had overcome tobecome who I am and was happy about it. To me, that was the greatestachievement for me.

Whatwould you change if you were to start all over again?

Evenif I do not regret any decision that I made back in the years when Istarted this company, I believe that am a lot wiser and there arethings that I would do differently. For example, I would boost thebusiness by looking into other ways to advertise my services apartfrom waiting for client referrals. By using the latest technology, Iwould sell my business more, and avoid the hardships that a startupgoes through.

Whatare the secret weapons have you used to get to where you are today?

Formy business to get to the level it has reached today, it has all beenabout passion and hard work. Were it not for my passion for this job,I would not be where I am today. I would have quit after thehardships, but I chose to hold on because I did not feel like I wouldbe happy doing anything else apart from what I am doing.

Whatadvice would you give to a starter?

Solong as you are passionate about something, be ready to face anychallenges and never give up. Be sure to be the best in your area bygiving your clients the best solutions for their needs. Remember toalways give value to your customers and go beyond their expectationsto deliver excellent services. Remember that you are not in businessalone and it is thus important to always strive to be the best youcan be in your area of expertise. Hold on even when it gets tough.