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Asa Leader

Afterassessing myself in terms of personal strength as a leader, Iconsider myself to fall under the category of guardians, as perKeirsey Temperament Sorter- II. As a guardian type of leader, thesociety considers me to be a foundation in various matters that areimportant not only to the society but the community at large. Forthis reason, I have the personality that best suits not onlyconserving but attending to community establishments as well. As aleader, I have an inborn character and aptitude of overseeing andupholding as well as administering various properties and services.With all these abilities, I help in upholding families and societiestogether. Various social amenities also need my skills so as to runin a smooth way. Amenities such as homes, worshiping places, learninginstitutions as well as sanatoriums are my target in upholdingharmony in the community.

Iam much aware of my duties and responsibilities bestowed on me as aguardian. Stereotypically, as a guardian I am such a friendly as wellas a social person. Nevertheless, my obligations as well as errandsare of paramount importance to me. With these leadership qualities, Iam able to find a common ground between my duties and private life aswell. Naturally, guardians are known for their way of getting ofstress concerning work in a faster manner and embark on carrying outtheir duties with a fresh mind and invigorated vita. This has helpedme as a guardian category leader to relieve stresses pertaining workmore easily and revitalizing my energy within a short time. Mycategory of leadership entails me to be a person that others can relyand depend on. I am anhonest person as well very reliable and loyal.For this reason, I am always in a good position of winning over mycolleagues’ reliance as well as respect. Due to other people’sreliance and trust in me, I have been able to build not only strongbut proficient relationships that have a great contribution in mywellbeing and that of my colleagues in terms of corporate success andpersonal life as well. Furthermore, I am good at encouraging my teammembers to put their best foot ahead so as to accomplish any taskthey are meant to take on.

Guardiansare not only pioneers but initiators as well. These two qualitieshave made me to be an innovator. I initiate a task and make sure thatit is carried out to the later in a scrupulous manner. My principlestill lies in cooperation and discipline. I make sure that all thechores assigned are done in a perfect way and proper processesareadhered to. Despite this, insofar as I understand that change isas good as rest, and it can either make or break a firm, am never ina swift move to accept any form of change. I make sure that Iprudently go through any form of change before executing it. Thesestandardized and prudent steps help in decision making. In summation,all these leadership qualities inspire me, and those people like meto be result oriented fellows.

Asa Team Leader

Asa team leader, using the VIA Survey of Character Strengths, I haveevaluated my leadership qualities and came up with a list characterstrengths that I have as a team leader. At the top of my characterstrengths, the conspicuous one is leadership. By leadership, I takepride in the way in which I excel at the tasks of leadership. Underthis, I am good at encouraging as well as motivating my colleaguesand team members to get things done. Furthermore, I always make surethat each and every person’s opinion in the group is included thusmaking everyone to be in harmony with each other in the group. Ioversee tasks to the later and make sure that they are not onlyaccomplished but done in a perfect manner. This quality helps inbuilding harmony and steering hard work among members.

Besides,there are other most important strengths that I possess as a teamleader. My second key strength is fairness, equity and justice. Oneof my abiding principles is treating all people in a fair manner.This quality helps me to treat all people fairly, regardless of theirpositions as well as backgrounds. Never have I ever let my personalfeelings bias my decisions about other people. I don’t makedecisions based on personal feelings or emotions. I make sure thateveryone is given a chance to express themselves and air out theirviews. These qualities go a long way in building trust and workcohesion to all people as team members. When it comes to reprimandingand disciplining the wrong doers among team members, I do this in ajust and open way. For this reason, team members trust in my judgmentand this as well creates cohesion in the group.

Honesty,authenticity as well genuineness is my third key character strengthas a team leader.When it comes to this quality, not only do I speakthe truth at all times but I reflect it by living my life in genuineas well as an authentic manner without any pretense. This makes myteam members to be open in whatever they do and maintain high levelsof honesty throughout their work. Furthermore, I am a down-to-earthperson. I am very humble and this makes it easier for team members toapproach me without any fear. I do not pretend in any way. I amalways direct with things and hypocrisy is not my portion. I am areal person there is no pretense, what you see is what you get. Thisgoes a long way in making the team members to have confidence in mebecause they can easily envisage my personality.

Mynext key strength is judgment, critical thinking and open-mindedness.Thinking things through and examining them from all sides areimportant aspects of who I am. When presented by any situation, Imake sure I think it through before jumping into conclusions.Furthermore, I rely on solid evidence to make my decisions. Moreover,I am not a rigid person when. I am open-minded thus able to change mymind concerning critical and benefiting matters to the organization.This virtue makes team members to keep generating ideas as long asthey know it is for the well-being of the organization. This makesteam members to trust in my judgment and to trust in my leadership.

Myfifth strength that I acquire is self-control and self-regulation. Asa leader, I am supposed to exercise this virtue to make my teammembers enthusiastic about my leadership. For this reason, Iself-consciously regulate what I feel as well as what I do. Thishelps me to ponder over an issue before having a verdict.Additionally, I am a disciplined person. I do not let my appetitesand especially emotions control me. This helps me to make decisionswith a cooler head and for the benefit of the organization and notpersonal interests or appetites. With all these qualities, it is ofparamount importance that any team leader puts the organization’sinterests before their own personal interests. This is applied bothin management as well as elsewhere.

Thelast strength I possess is spirituality, sense of purpose, and faith.I have strong as well as coherent beliefs about the higher purposeand the meaning of the universe. For this reason, I know exactlywhere I fit in the larger scheme. Moreover, these beliefs that I haveshape my actions and are a source of comfort to me. This helps in inmeditating and even being aware that there is a supreme power thatwatches over me and directs me in everything that I do. Moreover,this quality assists me in realizing true meaning of purpose in theline of my duty with my team members. For this reason, I have beenable to come up with better policies as well as other deliberations.My team members understand this well and they know that we can neverrely on our own strength.


Inthis chapter, I am going to still use the self-evaluation elements toknow and address the leadership and personality areas that I need todevelop.

Asa Leader

Mymain focus here will be on the use of VIA Survey of CharacterStrength in knowing different areas that I am supposed to develop.First and foremost, the quality that I need to consider is love oflearning. The truth is am extremely poor in learning new things. Thisis a very poor habit for a leader. I am not a school person. This hasa negative toll on my leadership skills since it lowers my ability ofknowing many things. Insofar as my peers know that I am a learnedperson, I need to polish this quality so that I can be in a betterposition to motivate others to want to know more in their respectiveareas of work.

Iadmit that I am an innovative person as well as a creative person.But I have a strong feeling that I need to work on the area ofwisdom. So my next quality that needs improvement is perspectivewisdom. Every leader needs wisdom to be able to carry out theirmandate. Am not saying I lack wisdom but I think I need to work moreon need for me to be able to execute my tasks in a wise way. Wisdomwill entail looking at the world at large and making sense of othersto me. This will put my team members in a better position of knowingme and the other way round.

Itgoes without a saying that I need to polish my zest, enthusiasm, andenergy. I am enthusiastic in what I do but polishing a bit on thisquality will enable me to bring in not only energy but positivity aswell to my team members. More often than not, I find myself notencouraging the members to channel zest, enthusiasm, and energytowards their assigned chores. This has had a negative toll on thedeveloping long-term relationships within the organization.

Iam aware that I have the quality of gratitude but I need to improveon it. Due to busy schedule and a lot of work to do, sometimes I evenforget to show gratitude for a job well done. This ends updemoralizing the team members. Polishing this quality a bit more willgo a long way in letting my team members know that I appreciate theirgood work and the time they in to make the organization better.


Hugely,my mission statement is based on the various principles of leadershipthat I have derived my ultimate mission statement from. I have beenon a mission of assessing myself through the ways that Covey outlinesin his book. Before settling on my ultimate mission statement, I willassess myself and see how I can manage myself first before managingothers. I have a program that I intend to follow to the latter,which is studying and understanding various principles conveyed byCovey. Some of these principles entail one to begin by having a clearunderstanding of their destination. For this reason, I am going tostudy the principle that talks about the end of the mind. Thisprinciple will not only help me to know the direction I want to gobut the current place I am at and what I am supposed to do so as toreach my main objective. Managing oneself is a very important aspectin my mission statement. I am going to have a way of managing myselfso that I can be aware of my inner persona and having principles thatwill ultimately lead me to achieving my goal. The aspect ofinterpersonal leadership is very vital principle in my missionstatement. I will dedicate myself into learning other people’spersona and knowing the underlying reason as to why some peoplebehave in the manner that they do. This will enable me into coming upwith a way that will not only benefit personal issues, but theorganization at large. This means that both individuals andorganization will be able to excel in various aspects.


Myleadership philosophy will be that of the servant leadershipphilosophy. This means that I will be more eager in putting serviceto others before my own self-interest. Do achieve this, I will haveto meet with the experts in leadership or even professionals thathave worked for more than five years in any consulting industry so Ican get as much information from them as I can. My main objectivewill be to make sure that the whole team is included in the processof decision making and I will never take personal credit for anyaccomplished missions. To top all this up, I will go back to class toundertake courses that entail my field and sharpen my intellectualpower more. Since I am well aware of my passion and I have alreadydone some courses on self-discovery, coming up with a consulting firmwill not be such a huge task.


Inmy line of business, I have to come up with SMART goals, may it longor short-term goals. For this reason, my goals will be specific,measurable, achievable, realistic, and time based.


Ihave already established my main objective of having a consultationfirm. For this reason, I will look for a professional in this fieldto try and guide and mentor me to achieve my goals. I plan to visitestablished consulting firms and seek for experts that have beenthere for more than five years. I will lay out to them my plan andask for their advice then stay in touch with them if need arises. Iintend to start by offering free consulting services to people invarious social amenities such as churches, hospitals and othergatherings. This will be short-term, just to help build my portfolio.My goals will be SMART in that they will be

Specific-Ihave already identified measures to take. This includes offering freeconsulting services to various social amenities and getting aprofession in this field to guide me.

Measurable-My goals are measurable in the sense that I will only undertake eachof them distinctly, i.e. visit social amenities to offer my freeservices.

Achievable-These are short-term goals of 6-12 months, so they are achievable

Timebased-Mygoals are time based since I don’t intend to take more than 12months on them.


Tosharpen my skills further, I plan to enroll in educationalinstitutions to take courses. This will be during the first one andhalf to three years of my setting up the firm. This will help me toexpound on my portfolio further and even see if I can get contractsfrom such institutions. I also intend to expand and have more peopleworking for me so as to cater for the number of customers that I willhave. I will establish offices in various cities and even towns. Andwill personally attend conferences as well as seminars that will helpme meet with more people in my field of expertise. I have stipulatedthese goals in a SMART way because

Specific-Thesegoals have specific things that I intend to execute going to school,attending conferences and opening new offices.

Measurable-My goals have targets and how the firm will be like when Iaccomplish. This makes them measurable. All these goals are able tobe gauged.

Achievable-One step at a time makes these goals very achievable. I will betaking each item at a step.

Realistic-I have stipulated a way of how realistic these goals are. The time Ihave allocated them is enough

Timebased– These goals have a time span of 1.5-3 years. This makes themto be time based in that they won’t go beyond three years.


Sincethe beginning of this assessment test, the tools have helped me toincrease self-awareness in areas relevant to management, stimulatereflective thinking regarding life goals and create a plan thatfosters and sustains ongoing personal as well as professionaldevelopment. With this, am good to go!