Study Questions Question 1


Study Questions

Question 1

An executive action refers to a presidential decree, which does notmandate congressional consent. The action is binding since thepresident is the chief executive, meaning he has the authority ofcommanding the executive arm. Executive actions may includedirective, enforcement and policy statement. Hence, it is anyendeavor taken by the president, which does not alter a law. Forinstance, in the case of immigration, executive action refers to thethings the president intends to do using his legal power aspresident in ensuring the immigration, system works better.

Question 2

An executive action differs from a law, because the action is apresidential pronouncement. On the contrary, a law is something thathas been debated by the executive, possibly revised and included intothe constitution. The president does not need consent from theexecutive when issuing an executive action, while making a lawmandates the participation and consent of the executive branch. Anexecutive action is a list of possible approaches in solving anissue, whereas the law is the order to be followed.

Question 3

The executive action comprises of two major aspects. One, it aims atproviding a lawful official pardon to the undocumented parents ofAmerican civilians, as well as permanent inhabitants that have stayedin US for a minimum of five years. Hence, the action eliminates thedeportation threats and many undocumented parents will be able to getwork authorizations. Second, the executive actions intend to widenthe “2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” program. Theprogram made it possible for young immigrants below the age of thirtythat migrated to America as children to apply for deportationadjournment as well as those that are in the country lawfully. Theexecutive action aims at expanding the program to include immigrantsaged 30 and above. In addition, Obama’s executive action involves aprogram to ease assess of visas for persons that invest in America,and those that choose to study in math, science, engineering andtechnology degrees. The president intends to alter the federalimmigrant detention processes, as well as increase resources forimproving border security.

Question 4

Americans approve and disapprove the executive action. Disapproval isat 50%, with a 46% approval, while 82% of republicans criticize while71% of democrats offer support. In support of the executive action isthe argument that there should be a manner for unauthorizedimmigrants to acquire lawful status, provided they meet setprerequisites. Hence, the need for a program that makes it legal forundocumented immigrants to be given special status. Contrary, inrefutation of the action is the argument that the country insteadshould beef up border security. Another reason for opposing theaction is that the president is surpassing the restrictions ofprosecutorial discretion through public grouping of a huge figure ofundocumented immigrants that are not subject to US rule.

Question 5

I believe the president ought to be granted the power to makeexecutive decisions similar to the executive action on immigration.The president is the chief executive, meaning that he has authorityto make decisions that benefit the nation. Such decisions includemaking changes to the failing immigration system, which the presidentintends to improve. In addition, the chief executive position givesthe president the duty of enforcing the law.