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SigmundFreud studied the mind and its relation to human behavior. The book,Civilization and Its Disconnects has presented the theory of Freudconcerning civilization, Religion, and Morality. In his book, Freuddescribes that the three main source of human suffering is: The humanbody, the world, and social relations. Freud describes the body asweak that is meant to end and decay. The body is cause pain andanxiety on human beings as a signal of warning[CITATION Sig30 p 26 l 1033 ].Theworld is the superiority of nature that human beings cannot be ableto control. The world is described to be angered with human beingsand is the primary cause of their destruction. Social relations are athird source of human suffering. This is the society and how humanbeings relate to themselves. Socialization is the painful sufferingamong three.

Humanbeings have tried for avoid this suffering. The body and the worldcannot be avoided entirely. This is because of human beings cannotovercome frailty of their bodies and their inability to control theworld nature totally. To avoid suffering from the social relations,human beings isolate themselves, join the community and intoxicatetheir bodies. Love is seen as a way of coping with the world.


AllQuiet on The Western Frontand Nightdepicts the brutality of the war. The war involves horrifying combatand dehumanizing impersonation as tactics of war[ CITATION Ian l 1033 ].Thisis a similar case as shown in theNightby the Elie Wiesel. The authors of the two books have a differentstyle in their writing. Remarque uses figurative language that givesthe insight of the novel. Elie is Wiesel writing is straight forwardin relating the experiences and emotions as illustrated in his book.



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