The Cloud Question 1



Thecloud is becoming one of the most useful resources in companiestoday. It refers to the sharing a pool of resources rather thanrelying on personal software and hardware (Information and TechnologyServices University of Michigan, n.d). Pearson uses is using cloudcomputing to make it easier for all the stakeholders to access anduse information availed. The company hired top most engineers to makethe cloud using the cloud management platform to build, store, andmanage the servers. This made it easy for every stakeholder to accessservers directly and store in such a way that appear like that theyare the real hosts. Person has more than 2 million servers on theRightScale that are used by the leading organizations.


Pearsonbenefits immensely from cloud computing. The company’s developersnow enjoy immediate access to unlimited servers. It has alsoexperienced a great consistence between test instances andproduction. People can now enjoy a self service approach that hasbeen enabled by cloud computing. In addition, the sale persons ofPearson have benefited from the cloud. They now experience a shortersales cycle and great ability to demonstrate their pilot studies tocustomers at much lesser time. The customers of Pearson also benefitfrom this technology greatly. The time for implementation has beenshortened hence, improved customer services. Likewise, customers canaccess the web much faster than ever before.

Sincethe implementation of the cloud, Pearson boasts of a surge in easymanagement of its servers. It is able to serve many people at thesame time as people can access web wherever they are. Customers andthe workers equally benefits greatly from this technology. It hasmade things much easier for all. As such, it can be deduced thatdespite that it might have been expensive to launch, it is worth itin the long run. The cloud has offered a greater flexibility in theRightScale as compared to the company’s data center. This ispossible because people involved can use many test instances withoutthe limitation of scheduling requirements and physical hardware.


However,despite its immense benefits to the Pearson, cloud computing has ashare if its risks. The greatest risk to cloud computing is securityconcerns. Some of these include data breaches, data loss, andunauthorized access. Data breach leads to loss of personal and creditcard information. This creates an avenue for identity thefts and thelikes. These kinds of breaches have been on the increase and candiscourage people from using such servers. It should also be notedthat hackers are on the increase and are likely to hijack one’saccount for malicious use. They may even change the account andsecurity details and access all the information they want from apersonal account. There is also a risk of losing personal data incloud computing technology. For instance, a person may lose data whena drive dies before saving. Human error may also create avenues fordata should loss (InformationWeek, 2015).

Despitethe cloud proving to be a great advantage to Pearson, securitybreaches may render it inefficient. As such, the developers and thosewho maintain should be on the outlook for security breaches. Theyshould come up with greater security measures in their servers toprevent unauthorized access of person accounts and data.


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