The Color of Fear Personal Thought and Reaction Number


TheColor of Fear:Personal Thought and Reaction


TheColor of Fear:Personal Thought and Reaction

TheColor of Fearis a short film that is showing a number of men (8), from differentethnicities who are engrossed are discussion over the issue of race.Due to the different backgrounds, the discussion is somewhatinteresting and sometimes becoming very heated. The debate is markedwith intelligence, emotions as well as dramatic confrontations as themen reveal some of the scars that have been as a result of racismtowards people of color in America.

Personally,initially I felt quite uncomfortable as I couldn’t understand thetension shown by the gentlemen. By reading the topic first, I thoughtevery person should be treated the same, but watching the short filmand reading the transcript has I have changed the notion or the way Ithink about culture and ethnicity differences in America. I can saythat, I now don’t have the colorblind mentality, but instead I havelearnt to appreciate other people’s differences more than before.From the discussion, the men agree, it’s the whites who see’sother minorities as lesser, ad themselves as human. One broad lessonof the film is that, the men have disagreed with the idea and claimsthat all people are same and equal and should be given the sametreatment. On the other hand, I think the media has played a part inexaggerating the difference between the ethnicity groups as suggestedby Lee and Yutaka, as they claimed they fear African American. Thetension between the communications by the men, made me anxious,however, after watching the short film, it dawns to me the tensionbetween the discussions between the 8 men is justified.

Insummary, it was a benefit to watch the short film and read thetranscript and learn from the perspectives and comments of minoritygroups. In addition, the format was consistent and also, the factthat all the participating members were male, it was easy to get themessage with reference to ethnicity and race without thinking aboutissues such as gender and sex