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Theeyes hospital video


The video on Dr. V and his eyehospital in India was an eye opener. His dedication to humanitychallenges and spires me to be good to my fellow humans where I can.I feel that it important for all people regardless of theirnationality, race, education level, religion or even wealth to sparea though and think about the every challenges facing the poor acrossthe world. Such people not only struggle to access food and basicsbut also healthcare. It is very important that everyone in the worldgets to access quality healthcare to support substance and quality oflife. In my home country Qatar, healthcare services are provided freeof charge in government hospitals. People like therefore might takesuch services for granted. Others who can afford private insurancemay not experience the struggles of accessing medical care that thepoor go through. Nonetheless, I believe that it should be the role ofhumanity as one to care for one another by making sure healthcareservices are accessible to all.

Access to affordable qualityhealthcare is one of the measures of economic and social developmentin any country. In December 2012, the United Nations adopted aresolution that urges governments to move with haste to provideaffordable, quality healthcare services to the people (“Health:essential”). For most developed nations such as the US, Japan andthe UK, majority of the population can access quality and affordablehealthcare. On the contrary, the situation in third world countriesand developing countries in terms of health is very worrying. InIndia, majority of the poor rural folks have no access to qualityaffordable healthcare. Although India as a country has an impressivereputation of affordable healthcare which spurs medical tourism, thepoor locals can hardly afford it. Such people have to rely on thegoodwill of people such as Dr. V who offer free medical camps andmedical services to the economically disadvantaged.

Dr. V’s idea of establishing ahospital in India started from a very tender age. He started dreamingof establishing a hospital that would assist the helpless in thecommunity. Today, Dr. V runs a free eye hospital that serves thosewho can afford and those who cannot afford. He has assisted hundredsof people both young and old by restoring their eyesight and treatingeye related problems. Eyesight is an important sense that has a greatinfluence on the quality of life and can have an influence on thecontinuity of poverty. It is very sad that today, in the age ofmodern medicine, millions of people are blind or live with eyesightproblems that can be treated. They are only guilty of being unable toafford treatment.

It therefore pains my heart tosee that the things that I might have taken up for granted whilegrowing up are very important in life. The fact that innocentchildren with some only a few months old cannot enjoy their childhoodfully due to eye problems pains my heart. It is the work of peoplesuch as Dr. V that inspires me to appreciate the little that I haveand also share it. Dr. V not take pride in material things such asluxury cars, big houses and holidays but rather seeks hisgratifications by restoring sight in people and making their livesmore worthwhile. I personally feel challenged that I have not givenenough in society. I must say that I have recalled several occasionswhere I might have helped somebody but I held back for a variety ofreasons. By watching this video, I now feel that I have so much togive. I have been lucky to enjoy some things which I have taken forgranted. Dr. V’s story thus teachers to be more giving ant to bemore thankful for the much that I have. On the overall, I am gratfuliwatched the video for it has changed for the better.


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