The Legend of King Arthur


TheLegend of King Arthur

TheLegend of King Arthur

The Legend of KingArthur was a mythological legendary. King Arthur was also a Britishleader and conqueror in the 5th and 6thcenturies. He lived in the medieval era and ruled the Kingdom ofCamelot and the Knights of the Round Table. This legendary isdepicted in novel books as well as video games. This paper introducesthe reader to the use of video game media as source fordemonstrating the ability to do independent learning and todemonstrate an awareness of the role of the medium in shaping ourexperience of Arthurian materials. To think critically about mediaand how it impacts a story/how a story impacts media

This paper alsocovers the video game Knights of the Round in relationto the mythological legendary.

Figure1- Knights of the Round


  • This video game medium is so effective in conveying the familiar story of The Legendary of King Arthur. In playing mode, it brings a vivid yet lucid picture in the mind of the gamer. It catches the attention of the player as well. Subliminally, the medium creates awareness of the story’s history, culture and an expectation in the gamer’s consciousness. The legendary is learned from the beginning to the end. The characters used in the video game obviously depict the real characters of the legendary story. Therefore, the game is a mission that seeks to reveal all that was realized by King Arthur and that is written in the current books.

  • The video game medium changes the way the stories are told. How is this done? Normally, in telling a given story, the captivation is not fully, achieved and this may bring in boredom to the audience. Consequently, in incorporating a game in the story, the attention of the audience is brought to priority. Captivation is created as well. The depiction of the characters in the game will serve to impart and reinforce what you already learned in the story. There is a one-on-one interaction with the role of each character. So, this brings in more enjoyment and excitement as well.

  • However, the medium is ineffective in certain ways. It fails to clearly show the actual representation of the scenes and environment during that ancient period. Hence, critical information may be lost in the process. The medium is also restricted to certain individuals. These are the individuals who are familiar with the gaming and arcade consoles. This means that, if you don’t have access to the consoles and the consoles’ technical know-how, then you will be unable to understand the story. The excitement will be localized in that case. Therefore, the medium has failed to reach all walks of life, as in, it’s limited.

  • This medium has several advantages. It brings the emotional sense and an almost real visual perception that make the story easier and quick to comprehend. The medium is available anytime, that is, if you own it. It also has a few disadvantages. It requires electricity to run so that you can learn the story. The medium is also expensive and only limited to a certain class of people. The game is addictive.

  • In watching, reading and exploring this particular text, one would learn a few things. The literature content and the value of the story is vital, and it’s achieved through reading and exploring text. The storyline is established from the start up to the end.


TheKnights of the Round is an arcade video game that wasdeveloped by Capcom Company. It’ an action role-playing video game(RPG). Arthur had been personally training to be the greatest andmost feared knight. He pulled out the most sacred sword of the land,the Excalibur from the rock. He had a burning ambition to bethe first king of England and rule the Britons. Therefore, Merlinsent Arthur and his two closest companions Lancelot and Perceval tooverthrow the wicked king of Garibaldi and thus liberate and uniteEngland.

Figure2-Gameplay of Knights of the Round

Inthis game, there are 7 levels to complete. Each level has a differentfinal figure to fight with, so that one would move on to the nextlevel as a winner. Each level has semi-skilled enemies as well. Thefighting involves the blocking and attack mode that are initiated bythe specific buttons on the joystick device.

Arthur is the prime character he is well-balanced in speed andattack power while using the sword- Excalibur which increasesits power in subsequent levels. Arthur is dressed in a leather armorand chain, and he sometimes mounts on a horse back and becomes moreoverwhelming in launching an attack.