The Relationship between Human Beings and Technology

TheRelationship between Human Beings and Technology

Everynow, and then technology continues to develop and there is a salientconnection between human beings, and technology. According toresearch, the relationship between human beings and technology isevolving at a great rate. However, the fast growth rate leads to thereplacement of human beings by this technology. Furthermore, it isimportant to realize that in as much as technology has largelyassisted human beings there are also various problems that it bringsto human beings. Technology is important but, it has also subjectedhuman beings to slavery (Stahl 4).

Overthe years, technology has robbed human beings off their independence.Nowadays, it is close to impossible to find people without gadgets,and devices. For example almost every individual today possess amobile phone or a smart phone. As a result, people utilize thevarious applications to obtain answers here, and there. A while back,individuals were independent and strived to look for answers withoutthe help of computers, mobile phones or smart phones. Furthermore,these gadgets have turned human beings into unsocial sloths. Due toaddiction, human beings spend most of their online and for thisreason they do not take keen interest in socializing with actualpeople. According to research, staying indoors has a great number ofeffects that most people may not be aware of. For example healthissues, stress, alcoholism, drug addiction, and even depression. Mostpeople have buried themselves in the world of technology not knowingthe consequences. The rate at which human beings are losingthemselves to technology is appalling, and for this reason, there isneed for a permanent solution (Stahl 3-7).

Researchand neurosurgeons have keenly observed that technology highly affectspeople’s brains. Excessive concentration on these gadgets anddevices interferes with the sleeping patterns of individuals, anddirectly affects the brain. The brain is one of the most importantorgans in the body and as a result, it is important to ensure that itis not exposed to any damage. Other than interferences with sleep,the effect of these gadgets on the brain may lead to chronicconditions. Neurosurgeons put it out there that the development ofthe brain is highly dependent on the environment. As a result, if anindividual is subjected to an environment surrounded by thesetechnological devices, and gadgets, then it is bound to develop inregard to them (Stahl 17).

Humanbeings have been controlled by technology to the extent of using itto overcome technology. It should be observed that people turn totechnology in an attempt to solve the problems that they are goingthrough. As mentioned, it is illogical to want to make use oftechnology in such a manner. The gesture, however, should prove howmuch individuals depend on technological advances. Also, it should berealized that technology does not offer a permanent solution ratherit only works as a measure for the time being. The problems leaningtoward technology can only be solved in other ways other than by theuse of technology. Research has also shown that the treasuredtechnology does not fulfill its expectations. For example mostpeople believe that there are technological advancements that will doaway with human suffering. However, this is not the case becausepeople from different walks of life are still suffering despite thepresence of technology. It is difficult for people to admit thattechnological advancements are null because of the amount ofconfidence they instilled in them (Rosenbrock 33).

Asmentioned above, these technological advances have given rise tohealth issues. The most common health issue noted in a great numberof people is obesity. Research has observed that if an individual isconstantly inactive, they are bound to feel hungry. It is in thismanner that people begin to put on weight to the point of obesity.There are people who sit in front of their televisions all daymunching on food until the dusk. It is these behaviors that havebrought about obesity in a good number of people regardless of theirage. Also, it has been observed that some people acquire diabetes.Diabetes is prevailing in most people because they were exposed to itright after their conception. According to Albert Einstein, “Insanityis doing the same thing and expecting different result.” For thisreason, it is important for individuals to learn that they would berequired to live differently in order to solve their problems. Thisresolution is closely tied to the fact that technology cannot be usedto solve technological problems (Feist et al. 27).

Furthermore,technological advances have been observed to create high rates ofunemployment. There are some businesses that make use of moretechnology, and in effect, they only require very few employees. Forexample, The Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) have deprived peopleany chance of jobs because they are efficient, and reliable ascompared to human beings. In fact, the ATM dilemma is an issue inAmerica as most of the citizens indeed believe that ATMs have takenaway people’s jobs. It is impossible for human beings to competewith technology hence they are required to accept the status quo asit is. Nevertheless, the governments of various nations shouldadvocate for the creation of other job opportunities. This notion isimportant because it is unemployment that often brings about the illsand evils of society. When people do not have jobs, they opt tosteal, rob, and kill in a bid to sustain their lives. In addition,the weapons used to kill people are also dependent on the evolvingtechnology. Weapons such as guns and bullets are being manufactured,and for this reason, it is observed that technology advocated for warrather than peace. It is noted that technology is slowly replacingthe human being, and the catastrophe should be looked into before itis too late (Feist et al. 15).

Itis important to observe that the emergence of technology is the causeof these problems. Most people may conclude that it is the technologythat is the problem rather than its emergence. In retrospect, beforetechnological advances emerged, there were rare cases of healthproblems. In fact most individuals led very healthy lives by eatingright, and working out. Today, there are people lead healthy livesbut, more individuals have let themselves free. Due to the emergenceof technology, people have become comfortable and prone to submissionto the technological advancements (Rosenbrock 30).

Ineducation, technological advancements are not being endorsed by mostschools. It is realized that technology inhibits the amount ofeducation obtained by a student. However, the use of technology ineducation is not fully ruled out. It should be taken intoconsideration that there are a few things that would be requiredbefore the technology is put in place. For example, if students wantto make use of these devices, they would first require a reliable andfast internet connection. If at all the internet is slow, thestudents will not be able to complete their tasks. Before advocatingfor technological use in education, it is mandatory to ensure thatthe gadgets and devices are working in the correct manner.Furthermore, the teachers would require training on how to go aboutthe technological advances. As a result, they would be more confidentin their teaching skills. With time, a good number of schools willhave embraced the use of technology (Stahl 22).

Also,the connection between the environment and technology is directlyrelated to the relationship that technology has with human beings.This is because the environment comprises a number of thingsincluding human beings. As technology evolves, the old devices andgadgets are set aside for purposes of recycling. However, there aresome of these devices that end up in the wrong hands. Some of thetechnological equipment is wrongly disposed off in the environmentand this is considered hazardous. According to research, waste fromgadgets and devices is fatal as compared to normal waste material.E-waste is toxic, and may lead to chronic diseases such as cancers.Wrong disposal of the E-waste is extremely fatal to the environment,and the life of human beings (Rosenbrock 8).

Inaddition, technology also directly affects human relationships. Dueto technology, it has been observed that it is close to impossiblefor people to cut ties when they end a relationship. The main barriercomes in when there is a continuous flow of communication, and peoplespeak like they are still in the relationship. Through social media,it is impossible for a person to move on with their lives if theykeep on focusing on their previous partner. Other people have alsodeveloped the habit of stalking their previous lovers through socialmedia. In addition, persons may be tempted to send emails or textmessages in a bid to initiate communication with the person. In asmuch as blocking their previous partners is uncalled for, it could bethe only solution at the point. Not being able to notice theirpresence every now and then on social media makes it easier forpeople to move on from the past. In the past, it was easier for aperson to breakup and forgets about the past. That was because thepast technology was not as reliable as that of today. In fact, it isonly a few people who employed these technological advances as mostpeople communicated through letters. In as much as there was stillcommunication being initiated, it would take a while before it gotthe other person. For this reason, this was preferred as it wouldgive the person time to heal from the breakup. It is important forhuman beings to ensure that they are in full control of their lives(Rosenbrock 9).

Technologicaladvances have also directly affected children in the same way theyaffect children. The children of today’s age and era cannot becompared to those children who were born about fifteen years ago. Thereasoning here, being that, the latter were acquainted with playingoutside, riding bicycles, and playing with dolls. However, thechildren born in the 21stcentury are very different because they have grown up in the world oftechnology. Instead of playing outside, children prefer playing withthose games installed in computers, mobile phones or smart phones.Making use of gadgets and devices for play lessens the creativitylevels of children rendering them robots. It should however be notedthat the development of the child has been slowed down due to thesetechnological advances. Research has shown that most of thesechildren grow up having behavioral, physical, and psychologicaldisorders. As mentioned above, the two main health problemsassociated with addiction of technology is diabetes, and obesity. Therate at which child obesity is growing is alarming. In addition tothis, other children begin to develop sleeping disorders, autism,learning problems, depression, and incomprehensible speech. Also,there is an observation that technology has taken away the bondsbetween parents, and children. The fact that some children havetelevisions in their bedrooms makes it impossible for them to leave.Most researchers have put it across that it is the parentsaccentuating the behavior because it is them who purchase thesedevices and gadgets for their children. It is required that parentsand teachers find solutions to this epidemic as technology is slowlytaking away the innocent children (Stahl 22-27).

Insummation, it is evident that technology has its perks and drawbacks.However, it is important to outline that the drawbacks outweigh theperks in almost all aspects. Just because the relationship betweenhuman beings and technology is rapidly growing, it is not inevitablethat it is affirmative. Also, as observed, there is need for asolution as soon as possible to eradicate the evil of technologicaleffects. It is a necessity that the researchers, doctors, teachers,and parents emphasize to the society about the effects of technology.In addition, governments of different nations should observe theeffects of unemployment, and offer more job opportunities to people.Furthermore, it is saddening that innocent children are also beingburied in the evils of technological advances. Children are thefuture of most societies, and exposing them to such fatal conditionswill have an effect on the society and community at large. It is alsoimportant to start training programs so that people may obtaininformation about the positive and negative effects. It is only humanto want to concentrate on the former but, it is also important toface the reality before it is too late. Also, as seen, technologicaladvancements have taken away people’s social life, and this isamong the worst effects. It is impossible to sustain as relationshipthat is based online. In fact, interacting with people face to faceis better because it is possible to see their emotions, reactions,and know what is on their minds. Through a screen, it is not in theleast way possible to observe the reactions of another person. It isonly human beings who have the capability of providing a solution tothe problems of technology (Feist et al. 25). Being a slave totechnological advancements goes to show that the devices have takencontrol over people, and it is only the people themselves who can doaway with this notion. Human beings have the ability to be in chargeof their lives, and for this reason, they should stick to theirground.


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