Theoretical Criminology Response


TheoreticalCriminology Response

TheoreticalCriminology Response


Policeofficers face challenges of trust


Policeofficers find it difficult to deal with crime when working with asection of the society that negatively views police officers asunfriendly. Therefore, it is difficult to control or prevent crime ina society that loses trust in the police officers because people insuch communities do not cooperate in policing. In addition, policeofficers have to deal with the challenge of racism, which leads tothe perception that white police officers work against the blackcommunity. Therefore, police officers should understand the socialchallenges and social contexts that affect the effectiveness of theirwork. This way, police officers will carefully assess different workcircumstances and wisely make decisions that will reduce the conflictbetween them and the society along with promotion of a cordialrelationship.