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TO: Charlotte [email protected]

FROM: COMM 3392 Student

May 8, 2014

SUBJECT: Requesting an Appointment for Advice on Elective Units

Dear Ms.Charlotte:

Please provide information about the elective courses that willassist me in career growth and determine my competency in thebusiness related matters.

I am a second-year student at the University with a major inCommerce. I don’t have the particular elective units that willbring out the best in my career. If I had an idea of what it takes tobecome a financier, I would be highly impressed. A course guide fromthe Department indicated that a Commerce student can either go foraccounting, finance or marketing. These courses seem fitting to mesince I have long admired to take a business related course so that Imay develop into a professional banker. From my research in theBanking industry, I understand that many graduates attain branchmanagement opportunities. However, the University policy requires thestudents to take one of the above courses as the electives in thesubject that he or she majors. On top of the two years of study atthe University, I have some other achievements that include:

  • CPA certificates from Bertrand College.

  • Experience gained in an internship at Excellent Business Professionals.

  • Wide knowledge of bookkeeping.

  • Excellent social skills.

  • Good grades in mathematics-related subjects.

I would like to get information pertaining the above elective coursesin relation to the current job market. I am confident that suchinformation will give room for making wise decisions. I am sure thatany support from you will create a life-defining influence in mycareer.

Please advise me on this area. You can contact me through my email.Thank you for the assistance that you will provide.

Yours faithfully,

Comm 3392 Student.