Two movies; The Lion In The Desert` (1981) and Gomorrah` (2008)

Twomovies TheLion In The Desert`(1981) and Gomorrah`(2008)

Question1TheLion In The Desert`(1981)

Thetechnological evolution in the film and movie industry has broughtalong numerous and tremendous impacts in the art of movie making.Different techniques have been deployed I different movies in orderto bring out the movie as effective as possible to the viewer. One ofthe coveted techniques is the different use of camera tricks. Thispaper focus on two different movies ‘TheLion In The Desert(1981), the application of camera work, and its impact the making ofthe movie and ‘Gomorrah(2008), focusing on the message of denunciation.

Inthe film TheLion In The Desert,Akkad uses different techniques of camera work to narrate the firstpart of the story. First, he uses black and white historic picturesto tell the story of Libya. The use of the black and white picturesis used to show the history of the conflict in Libya. These help tobring out the originality of the story, therefore promoting itsauthenticity to the viewer. Akkad uses the black and white style toshow the start of the conflict as well as its progress and thecurrent position that it has reached. This helps the viewer toanticipate a reactionary response from each side of the fighters asthe movie progresses. It also serves to help the viewer familiarizehimself/herself with the events that came prior and hence understandthe latter part of the film (YouTube, 2015).

Anothercamera work technique use is the movement of the camera. This helpscreate a motion feeling for the viewer contributing to increasedintensity of the action witnessed. The motion of the camera increasesthe velocities of the moving objects and as a result create a suddensuccession of events in the film. The lighting used in the first partof the story is a bit dull as compared to the rest that used in therest of the film (YouTube, 2015). The dark lighting makesdemonstrates a mood of eerie which is needed to show the atrocitiescommitted by the Italians as well as show the negative effects of thewar between the Italians and the local tribes. The picture has alsobeen placed in a dark frame which also contributes to the dull moodcreated to show the effects of war.

Thereis also the use of a split screen at the beginning of the film. Thescreen is divided into four each of the segments showing severalsimultaneous images at the same time. This use of the split screenhelps to show different occurrences in the film at the same time.Each of the segments of the split screen show different occurrencesof the history of the conflict between the Italians and the locals.The information provided at the beginning of the film has a specificpurpose of orienting the viewer to the film (YouTube, 2015). This ismainly achieved through the brief history provided detailing thestart of the conflict. It helps in capturing the attention andcuriosity of the viewer and preparing him/her for what will happenlater in the film. It also serves to create some suspense whichpromotes the desire to watch the whole film.

Question2 Gomorrah`(2008)

Themovie Gomorrah deals with a crime syndicate by the criminalorganization Camorra. This film provides various moral messages ofdenunciation of the effects of Camorra on the Italian society whichinclude: the disposal of dangerous wastes by the gang. This is seenwhere Roberto is given a basket of fruits by an old man as a gift. Onrealizing this, his boss Franco tells him to throw them away as theyare toxic form the wastes disposed. The moral message denouncing theeffects of ‘Camorra’ is seen when Roberto quits his job aftersome poor farmers desperate making some money allowed them to burywaste in their farms. Roberto tells his boss that he cannot poisonthe earth. Here, he speaks against pollution, which has many negativeeffects in the Italian society (YouTube, 2015). Despite a lot ofconvincing from Franco, he quits his job and is saddened by theactions of people who pollute the earth as evidenced by him walkingalone along a desolate countryside road.

Themovie also has some clearly identifiable victims and victimizers.Uncle Franco is seen as the major victimizer in the film. He isdepicted as a wealthy gang leader who exploits other individuals forhis own selfish gains. In a remarkable scene, Uncle Franco in a smartsuit supervises his workers as they dump toxic wastes illegally whereone of his drivers is splashed by a corrosive fluid leading to theother workers downing their tools. He does not take the driver to thehospital, but instead brings children who become his next victims tocomplete the work. Other victims of the gang are farmers whose farmproducts are contaminated by the wastes.

Theviolence is witnessed throughout the movie. The movie starts withviolence where some gang members are murdered. The violence continuesto other scenes in the movie where drug dealers are in constantbattles with the police. They abandon a gun and drugs while beingchased by the police. As the feud becomes intense, neighborhoodfamilies are forced to move out or suffer violence. A gang ismurdered in drive-by leading to retaliatory attacks which furtherintensify the violence in the film. The film Gomorrahpromotes good values of caring for the environment by avoidingdumping of wastes. It also shows the negative effects of gangviolence, thus discouraging the youth from joining them. Some ofthese values such as love for the environment are still worthdefending to present (YouTube, 2015).


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