Unions Attracting and Retaining Members

Unions:Attracting and Retaining Members

Unions:Attracting and Retaining Members

Unionsare important tools that bring workers together and address the needsthat individual employees cannot when working alone. Unions exist toaddress specific interest of their members. However, union managementhas the responsibility of showing potential members the value orsignificance of unionization in order to attract more members andretain the existing ones. This essay argues that unions can attractand retain members by using the modern technology, using the currentmembers to refer their colleagues to unions, and differentiatingtheir services.

Thesurvival and growth of unions ha highly dependent on their capacityto attract and retain members. This is because unions exist to servemembers, which means that they tend to become weak in the absence ofor a decline in the number of members. There are three effectiveapproaches that unions can use to attract and retain members. First,the referral has been proven to be an effective method of bringingnew members into the union. Referral is achieved by motivating peerrecommendation, where the current members are given awards forbringing new members. According to Strozniak (2015) more than 74 % ofthe new union members in Brazil are encouraged to join unions bytheir friends who have experienced the benefits of unionization.Therefore, the existing members can be converted into goodambassadors of their unions.

Secondly,unions should adopt the latest technology in delivering theirservices and reaching out to potential members. The currenttechnology can help unions increase flexibility and interact withmembers in a more convenient way. For example, the union can developapps that allow members to access services using their mobile phonesor other electronic devices at their convenient locations and withoutthe need to present themselves physically to the union offices(Diedrich, 2015). This is because the availability of an applicationin members’ phones is as relevant as the physical facility. Inaddition, the social media sites are effective tools that unions canuse to inform potential members about their services and interactwith the current members. In essence, modern technology has thecapacity to increase union membership and loyalty.

Third,union differentiation is among the most underutilized strategies thatcan help unions attract and retain members. Differentiation meansthat the union offers unique services to members in order to givethem an experience that they cannot get in any other union. Gazillion(2015) established a positive correlation between differentiationbetween union services and an increase in resonance of potentialmembers. Differentiation also increases the competitiveness of unionssince it helps them avoid competing directly with other unions.

Unionworkers earn a living from the salary that they get from union jobs.This implies the increase in the number of people joining the unionswill increase the job security as well as the number of jobopportunities. Therefore, a decline in unionization will reduce thestrength of unions, endanger their survival, and put employees at therisk of losing their jobs.

Inconclusion, the number of union members is the key determinant ofunions’ survival because unions exist to serve their members.However, attracting new members and retaining them remains a majorchallenge that unions face in the contemporary world. Modern unionscan attract new members and retain existing ones by using the moderntechnology to enhance efficiency and convenience in service delivery,using referral approach, and differentiating their services.


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