Using CAD to Build an Architecture Which Comprehend Both Aesthetic of Chinese Tradition Building and Western Building


UsingCAD to Build an Architecture Which Comprehend Both Aesthetic ofChinese Tradition Building and Western Building

UsingCAD to Build an Architecture Which Comprehend Both Aesthetic ofChinese Tradition Building and Western Building


Theproject aims to use CAD to design an architecture, specifically, abuilding that encompass both the aesthetic of the Chinese traditionbuilding and the Western building. The project will use ComputerAided Design to improve the quality of drawn information and thespeed of production of such drawings. In the course of the project,computer generated images will reinforce the production process as itwill enhance the process of creation of the design. Specifically, theoutput of the project will take the design of an Acushnet Cemeterybuilding.

Thebuilding will have a significant resemblance to the ancient Chinesestructures. Like the Chinese structures, the building will beflexible with the use of wood as a primary material. Its componentswill be beams, columns and purlins connected with mortises andtenons. However, in different from the Chinese traditional structure,it will not have the upward roof corners and the overhanging eaves.The outward design, especially for the roof will resemble theAmerican models with rectangular roof shapes. Some of the specificsof the intermediary design will include the Grecian columns, theAmerican newly Shingle roof with a fresh cream coat. The gable willbe adorned with glass lantern and copper.


Theobjectives of the project are

  1. To design a building that comprehend the western Buildings and Chinese building aesthetic appearance.

  2. To use CAD software in obtaining a workable design.

  3. To apprehend the similarities and dissimilarities between the western building architecture and the Chinese architecture.


Theproject is significant due to the following reasons

  1. It will aid in the acquisition of vital architectural skills.

  2. The final designs will introduce to the housing market a new means of construction that encompasses the Chinese and Western building plans.


Abetter portion of the project requires the designer to use acomputer. However, there are other resources that do not relate tothe computer systems such as manpower. The resources will bedownloaded online through the open software vendors. Online purchasewill be made on the software that require a subscription fee.However, other hardware’s are available on a personal laptop. Sofar, all the materials required for use in the project are availablein store. Most of the resources essential to the execution of theproject will be computer-based. They include

  1. AutoCAD 2015 Software

  2. Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 Pro

  3. CPU Type: AMD Opteron™ with SSE2 technology

  4. 2 G.B RAM

  5. A Display Resolution of 1024×768 with True Color

  6. Display Card

  7. A Disk Space of 6.0 GB for Installation

  8. Pointing device

  9. A Browser

  10. Digitizer specifically, WINTAB Support

  11. .NET Framework Version 4.5

  12. Adobe Flash Player v10 or greater.

  13. Printer or Plotter


Thesubject area of expertise that will be needed will include thefollowing

  1. Computer Aided Design

  2. 3D Modeling

  3. Architectural Sketching

  4. Graphic Design

  5. Interior Design

Theproject will be successful owing to the availability of a strong teamwith a wealth of information that will offer technical architecturalguidance in the course of accomplishing the project. All the expertsin the mentioned areas are readily available and will offer theirhelp when needed.