Using Computer Design Program CAD


UsingComputer Design Program CAD

UsingComputer Design Program CAD

Architecturecan implement the computer-aided system to assist in designingancient Chinese architecture. CAD establishes the design using theChinese natural language that makes the system generate automaticallythe animation of the building. The program makes use of the semanticweb technologies and covers many Chinese traditional buildings.

  • In order to develop the project, different skills are required there is a need to have the semantic web technologies skills that provide an understanding of how the system operates. In addition, understanding the natural language used in the program is also highly critical as it will determine the structure generated by the system. The user must also have the skills to determine the required inputs in terms of type and scale of the desired structure. Structural architecture skills are also significant in the project to ensure the user understands how the system operates as well as enable easier decision-making. CAD develops designs in 3D models through its object-based applications. As a result, necessary skills in 3D modeling.

  • A good house develop through CAD should have the proper drawings with all the measurements carefully set with no mistakes. The house should have enough energy flow in the main entry. The house should also demonstrate the Chinese architecture and should also be accessible to a broad public. A real home should also have all the standard components set such as the structural columns, walls and the doors. The house should also meet the user needs and preferences such as space or the decoration components

  • The architecture model will focus on both the aesthetics and functionality. The design will make use of the two elements. Aesthetic is critical in building since it defines the character of the structure built. On the other hand, functionality is also a significant aspect of building as it enables designing of the building based on its particular function. Use of the two aspects allows the development of quality and more valuable building that appeals to the clients. Functionality and aesthetics will ensure the structure maintain the art and function of the architecture model.