Utopia Essay


Althoughthere is no utopia society, very one has that ideal world that theywould like to have. In my case, I would wish to live in the ZionCity. It would possess perfect and highly desired qualities of ahuman being. It would have all positive things that one can imagine.The city would be located on the coastline and would occupy a smallarea of less than ten hundred square metre. It would have tallbuildings that are fitted with electricity and water at all time.Every house would have an elevator hence, people would never betried while climbing the stairs. For security purposes, everybuilding would be fitted with an alarm and a CCTV camera. Money wouldnot an issue in the city since all adults would be working, andreceiving a good salary. Therefore, Zion city would be an example ofan ideal world.

Althoughmy life would be surrounded with problems, there would be variousthings to enjoy. Additionally, I would have strategies to deal withproblems that surround my life. Therefore, I would leave acomfortable life in a luxuries house with most of basic need that ahuman requires. Since childhood, my parents would be very support.They would take me to one of the best schools in the city. Throughoutmy education, I would be best students in all classes. Educationwould help me live a better life. Surprisingly, I would acquiredvarious skills while in school such farming, plumbing, carpentry,fabrication, business, computer, technology, among many more.Besides, I would pose superior communication skills than any othermember of the community. When accomplishing a task, I would provethat I have the ability to work either as a team or independently. Asa result, I would acquire great honour and incrediblecharacteristics.

Inmy utopia would, I would live in a city with a perfect soil, climate,and forestry. The city should have a tropical climate and no winter.It would have beautiful grass, trees, vegetation, and foliage.Therefore, the city would offer an ideal environment for humanbeings, as well as animals. The weather would be friendly every day.There would be nothing like cold or hot weather, or rainy seasons.Happiness would surround everyone everywhere. Since I would havefarming skills, I would farm and offer sufficient food to everyone inmy society. In my ideal world, there would be museums in every cornerof the city. Visiting museums is my hobby.

Myutopia world would be the perfect one. There would be no crime, noviolence, or pollution. Words like hunger, food shortage, poverty,and homeless would not exist in this dictionary of this world. Allpeople would be equal and treat each other with respect. People wouldbe very helpful. No one would stand to see his or her fellowsuffering. Crime would be nearly nonexistent. Criminals would bepunished and sent to prison. However, they would never be sentencedto death. In addition, there would be no corruption unlike in themodern world. Corruption is a killer disease that can perish a wholecommunity.

Inmy utopia world, every child would get an opportunity to get aneducation. Correspondingly, there would be fair chances of gettingjobs based on one skills and experiences. This is unlike the modernworld where education is very expensive, and many people find it hardto attend college and university. Correspondingly, these people donot get good jobs and end up doing odd jobs despite their inbornknowledge. Therefore, in the utopia world, everyone would be pleasedwith his or her career choices this is unlike in the modern worldwhere people work to make a living, or for money. Consequently, moneywould not be an issue since most people would be working and get apleasant salaries and wages.

Therewould equal treatment for all people. No one would undermine one’sgoals and visions. Being educated or smart would not permit a personto demean the uneducated people. All people would be equal no matterhow much they earn, or prominent they are in life. There would benothing like sickness, diseases, and ailments. People would livehappy, healthy, and long lives. Pain and suffering would beabolished. People would have no worries that they will wake up oneday and find meaningless things such as cold, fever, headache,stomachache, or any other ailments. Instead, people would always lookforward to another day to enjoy life. There would be no fights, nowar, or bad attitudes towards other people.

Myview, utopian life is similar to most people ideas and thoughts. Manypeople want money, education, peace, good health, and happiness. Ithink we can achieve all these ideas if we work towards them and havepositive thoughts. There is no much difference between this utopiaworld and the modern life. If we subtract sufferings, pain, war,fight, corruption, and dishonesty from the original equation, wewould get a strong, powerful, and driven world with thecharacteristics of the utopia world.