Website Analysis

Website Analysis

www.ssense.comis a site that allows customers to view and make purchase orders forthe latest clothing designs in the market. The site offers acategorization of its products into two both men and women are ableto make purchases on their own products. Additionally, the siteencompasses a search button that allows its users to search forspecific products and designs they would like.

Positiveattributes of the site

Thesites URL meets the ability of memorability to its users, the URLitself is able to easily spell out and pronounced to new users. Siteencompasses the following main menus men, women, search, English/Francais, customer care, Login and shopping bag. Each of these menuslink up to important sections of the site. For instance, the men menuones clicked leads to products specifically designed for the menusers, women menu also leads to those products on the lists that arespecifically designed for women. Customer care menu allows the usersto postulate their complaints and contact the company at all times.Login menu allows registered customers to login into the site to makea purchase. The search menu is important to those customers who wouldwant specific products listed on the website. The filter icon on theright top section is majorly used by the users to sort the productsas they would prefer either in cost ranges or latest arrivals (`Bestof the Best Business Websites`, 2014).

Eachbrand is accompanied by a product name, this is a very importantapproach in placing information on a website, and this is because itallows users to make decisions on the best products they would like.The site is well ingrained on the browser since it has a visibleaddress bar, fully functional navigation tools, and it is compatiblewith multiple other browsers. The site also displays the company’sname clearly the name is not hidden among the clutter which makes ita well-designed website for use. The site is well designed and takesinto consideration consistency in colors, whitespace usageeffectiveness, clean image quality, meets the industry practices andengulfs minimal or no distractions at all. Further the website ismeant to target specific population in the market. For instance, thedesign adopted in the site allows the design enthusiasts to scanthrough and get the latest products in the market (King, 2008).

Thesite is friendly to its users, once you open the site it does notrequire any plugins of ads that pop up, making it a better site forgeneral use in the market. Navigation through the site is easy. Forinstance, a user is able to maneuver from the men pages to the womenpages and back to the main page without any problem. The site allowsits users to subscribe for newsletters that will inform them on newproduct designs. The login link allows the users to register on thesite as new members (Watt &amp Findlay, 2004). The most importantaspect of integration provided on the site is the social media linksgiven at the bottom of the page. For instance, there are multipleicons that include Facebook, Twitter, google plus, Instagram,YouTube, sound cloud and Pinterest. The links enable the users toshare the site on social media which is an important integration onthe internet (Stolley, 2011).

Whatdoes not work on the site?

Thereare a number of factors that are not well placed or missing on thesite. The site lacks a help and FAQ pages which are importantcomponent in any customer based platform. The FAQ pages enable theusers to get directions on the most crucial problems that may occurduring their experience and use of the website. The content of thesite is scanty as it is filled with a higher proportion of graphicsas compared to the real content the customer may like to read orview. A web designer needs to strike a balance between the graphicsand the content. There is no coherence in the arrangement of theproducts and their details. For instance on the website there is avertical arrangement of the product name instead of saving more spaceby detailing the words or descriptions under the product images. Someof the buttons on the site are very small which may make some peoplestrain when clicking on the buttons. It is crucial for the webdesigner in this case to avoid small buttons as they may not befriendly to some people who may want to use the site (Watt &ampFindlay, 2004).

Thesite does not adequately describe the host company. The site does nothave an about us page which should correlate information about thecompany. No biographies are shown as well as company mission orvision is not displayed. This makes the site void of importantcompany details that may be required by customers to view theprogress of the company in alignment to its mission and visionstatements. There is no segment provided for company news on thesite. Despite the fact that the company sends newsletters to itscustomers in the market. It needs to have a platform where it depictsits latest news to the customers. Thus, it is imperative to ensurethat the site integrates a news segment that will convey the latesttrends to the customers in the market (King, 2008).

Thesite misses a chat platform the chat platform will enable its usersto chat with the customer service department. Missing this feature onthe website in the current era will drag back the company. Companylocation and the directions to its locations are crucial to thosecustomers who may want to collect their products without necessarilywaiting for deliveries. However, the site lacks this feature whichmakes it fall short of the ability to guide new users. The site lacksgeneral information that makes the site unhealthy for the general usein the market. Thus, to ensure integrity it is crucial to ensureadoption of the general information on the site.

Thebasket page lacks a number of features that may enhance the abilityof the site. The basket page has only one remove option. If acustomer wants to add another product to the basket list, they willbe compelled to go back to product page this may be cumbersome tothe clients and most of them will tend to give up on the purchase. Toget rid of this problem, the designer has to inculcate a new featurethat allows the users to add products on the same basket withoutgoing back to the product page. The basket page is not attached toany promos nor is it linked to the security platform. Additionally,there is no link to any guarantees. It is imperative for the designerin this case to ensure that security measures are instituted toensure that customer assurance and protection are instituted, by sodoing the customers will gain confidence on making purchases from thesite (`Best of the Best Business Websites`, 2014).

Themini basket does not allow the removal of products from the basketsones they are placed on the basket. Often time’s customers maychange their decisions on purchasing certain products. Thus, it isimportant for the site to have a feature that gives the customers theability to put products on the basket and remove the productswhenever they want. The login section misses out a number of featuresthat may proof essential. The remember my identity section is missingon the site the clear section is also missing which makes itimpossible to delete any wrong spellings that may be input (King,2008).


Fromthe site it is imperative to note that there are a number ofimprovements that must be made in order to ensure that the users gaina better experience. Lastly, the site has some well integratedfeatures that would ensure improved user experience as denoted in thediscussion above.


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