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WorkTerm Report career portfolio


Career Portfolio 3

Objective section 3

Audience for this portfolio 3

Statement of career goals 3

Plans for professional development 6

Resume Section 8

Analysis of the Resume 8

References 9

Li Ping Wang, Sales manager, 9

Zhong Zhou Zhengzhou Briquette Machinery Plant. 9

Description of BComm Co-op Program and Major 9

Resume 12

Work Term Section 15

Analysis of the Work term 15

Skill Development Reports 16

Appendix C – Skill / Competency Profile 16

Appendix D – Development Action Plan 18

Appendix E – Development Progress Report 21

Appendix F – Assessment of Development 24

Assessment of Skill Development Process 26

References 28



Audiencefor this portfolio

Inmy four month of working, I gained a lot of interest in accounting,and this has made me to choose accounting as my major. Therefore, inmy future career, my main area of focus will be in accounting. Whenworking or studying, a significant number of companies anduniversities will be involved and therefore, this portfolio will beused greatly. Examples of these companies and universities includethe following:


Deloitteand Touche TorontoUniversity


PricewaterhouseCoopers AlbertaUniversity

Ernst&amp Young LLPUBC

GrantThornton YorkUniversity

Accordingly,I plan to use this portfolio to find an employment later after mystudies. This shows how this portfolio is very helpful for me as Ican exhibit my performance in my first co-op term. My careerportfolio shows my progress in these four months, and it will help myfuture employers to be on familiar terms with me better.

Statementof career goals

Inmost cases, different people choose different jobs depending on theirinterest, understanding, and experience. In my case, accounting isthe topic I want to talk about, because I know after this co-op term,I will have a different understanding for my future career outline.To begin with, I want to demonstrate the kind of work I want to do.My interest is in accounting therefore, I want to work in the fieldof accounting. That implies I want to be an accountant, and a goodaccountant in that case. Every corporation worldwide must have anaccountant, because good accountants are very essential for thegrowth and development of a company. The main goal of an accountantis analyze the company`s financial needs, goals, as well aspriorities and priorities then preparing ideas for the customizedcompany plans involving strategies, concepts as well asrecommendations. Accordingly, a good accountant should be consciousand very organized when handling numbers and accounts in order toavoid causing financial issues for the company. Thus, that is mydesire that I will become the best accountant ever for the companythat I will for in the future.

Thesecond thing to talk about in this portfolio concerns the places thatI want to work. To be honest, I want to work in some big cities, likeToronto, Vancouver and so on. For me, I like the fast-pace life.Therefore, the full-size metropolitan is what I am looking for. Afteraccumulating two to four years working experience, I expect to goback and work in China. This is because as the economy of China isbooming, working in China will be a very good opportunity for me. Ibelieve youthful people should move around to see how other towns orcountries look like, and to experience more new things (Poore, 2010).What I have also learnt is that, through moving around differentnations or towns through work, a person gets more experience andknowledge especially regarding how other cultures carry on with theirdaily lives.

Additionally,I will talk about the kind of employers I want to work for or with.From my understanding, a good leader is very necessary for the workergrowth, especially to those people who are still new to theworkplace. A good leader is always passionate about his or her work.He or she is seen as a role model to their employees, and employeescan learn something useful from him or her. He or she will not givetoo much pressure to his or her employees. When going through achallenge, the leader should try and find out how to resolve thatchallenge in an organized manner. Furthermore, the leader should domore contributions to the team. I desire to work in an environmentthat is views things in a positive way, and setting should be goodfor personal development. The workplace should have good workingcondition and the environment should be very friendly (Orsi, 2003). Idesire to have teammates that are cooperative, understanding, as wellas respective at all times, despite an individual`s class,background, or race among others.

Accordingly,it is important to talk about work value because unless I perceive mycareer choice to be significant, I cannot accomplish or succeed. Through this, I will be able to show my ability and wisdom through myhard work and being very watchful in everything I do. In most cases,people choose a career on the basis of well the job is paying so thatthey can accumulate wealth faster. Even though I choose accountingbecause it is a well paying field that is not my main aim becausewealth is not what I am seeking. I have come to understand that whenyou give or value something, and do your best chances of beingproductive are very high. With this notion in mind, I know thatwealth will follow me once I become productive in my work. Candidly,I expect to become a victorious entrepreneur, and become my own boss.Therefore, this experience will be my wealth, especially when Idecide to set up my business. Furthermore, I desire that my futureemployer will have similar value as me. This is because I want towork for individuals who inspire me in my career life, and thushaving an employer who shares similar values as me will be an addedadvantage. By that I mean we can have more in common, and it will behelpful for us to share each other’s opinions.

Furthermore,I want a work schedule that is flexible, by this I mean I can work,and still have time for my personal development, either throughfurther studies or be with my family. There are some organizationsthat do not provide enough time for their employees, and in mostcases this leads to family failures because people are too busy atworkplace to be with their families. Even though my main desire isnot to accumulate wealth first, I would wish to work for a companythat compensates its workers significantly, especially in my careeras an accountant since it is a job full of challenges. I hope to givemy best to the company I will work for to enable it to meet itsobjectives. Finally, I am going to talk about my expectation for myfuture advancement. I have a belief that everyone should be theirown boss. I hope I can have my own business in future. I look forwardto having more time to spend with my family because money is noteverything. Therefore, individuals should not forgo spending timewith their family to earn money, and they should do a good balancebetween them. This is my expectation for my future advancement.

Plans for professional development

Agood career consists of some particular skills, abilities as well asknowledge in order to become productive. Therefore, for me to have asuccessful career, I must have some specific skills, knowledge orabilities to get it(Levitt, 2009).Despite the fact that I am still a student, I need to have my planfor this professional development and expansion. With this plan, weknow what and when we should do. This is because a good number ofmanagers want to see that a candidate is dedicated to continuouslylearning more about the field. Here, I will talk about it as threeparts, specific skills, knowledge, and abilities. Concerning specificskills, I think I should have more computer software skills. Thereason is that I found a lot of predicament on using software at workexcept for that software we had learned in the COMM 1502 course.Therefore, I have plans to pursue these skills in my free timethrough watching some teaching videos. I will also spare some timeand find some instructors who can help me acquire these skills. Thisis because as an accountant, I would use computer software more oftenand thus I really have to acquire these skills so that I can do mybest at the workplace. Additionally,I need to pursue thedriving skill because I think it is very essential for my career andalso for the current world I do not want to be left out as the onlyone does not know how to drive. Therefore, I plan to go for drivinglessons in order to gain knowledge of driving skills. With myflexible work schedule, I plan to find the best driving school whereI will learn the necessary skills I need. Hence, I hope I can get mydriving license as soon as possible.

Subsequently,it is essential to talk about the knowledge. For me, I only have someaccounting basic knowledge. Frankly, it is not enough for me to dothe job right now. I encountered a significant amount of problemswhile carrying out accounts. Therefore, I will have to find anaccounting tutor to teach me some useful information regardingaccounting. I believe accounting is an easy subject if I only focus,I will become fruitful. It is not possible to work as an accountantwithout full knowledge of the formulas and how to reach a conclusion.Thus, I know with the help of my tutor, I will be in a betterposition to make those calculations correctly.Furthermore, I willhave to purchase some accounting books to accumulate accountingknowledge. I also feel I am lacking some international businessknowledge. Since I want to do some international business, I willspend more time to learn from international business books,newsletters, and even from the internet.Lastly,I am poor in time management. I have to improve my ability to becomea good time manager at all times. As we discern, a time plan is veryimportant for every person. If we have a time schedule, we canfollow a plan to finish our task on time. That means our efficiencywill be improved a lot, and it is also very helpful for ourdevelopment. Consequently, I will make a time schedule before doinganything, and I will follow it. I hope it will make me become moreeffective when working.Tosum up, these are skills, knowledge, and abilities that I am going toacquire for the benefit of my future career.

ResumeSectionAnalysisof the Resume

Myname is Bowei Zhu, and I am a second year commerce student ofDalhousie University. I am going to take accounting as my major.After two years of study at Dalhousie University, I feel I haveobtained a lot of things. These things I learned from the universitywill be applied in my future job. I have three volunteer experiences,and they include, volunteer as a supervisor of the Black BearProtection Activity in Zhengzhou. I was given the responsibility oftaking care of the whole activity for raising funds for theprotection of black bears. Accordingly, I volunteered at the Yellowriver protection. And lastly, I volunteered as a fundraiser for RedCross Donation for Henan branch. Through this three volunteeringexperience, I have gained public speaking skills and fund-raisingskills. It is very helpful for my future career.

Ifirst got my working experience as a sales manager in Lantian SportFacilities Co.Ltd in Gongyi. During my working period, I managed ateam of 15 members to exceed sales target of 30,000 RMB. Also, Iutilized problem solving skills to handle complaints, continuallyresulting in repeated business. I believe I did a perfect job when Iwas in this position. My second working experience was as a treasurerin Meizhilan Clothing Co.Ltd., in Zhengzhou. I collaborated withcompany managers to coordinate sale goals. Additionally, I managedand maintained accurate financial records for a $100,000 three monthbudget. Furthermore, I created a detailed budget tracking systemusing excel spreadsheets resulting in increased accuracy andefficiency. I also did a very good job on this position. My thirdworking experience was as an accounting assistant. I usually helpedaccountants to manage accountsreceivable,account payable and payroll departments. Besides, I reported onvariances in quarterly costing reports. At the end of co-op term, Ican accurately and fast deal with my accounting job.

ReferencesLiPing Wang, Sales manager, ZhongZhou Zhengzhou Briquette Machinery Plant.


[email protected]

SufenWang, Supervisor

LantianSport Facilities Co. Ltd, Gongyi, China


[email protected]

LiWang, Production manager,

MeizhilanClothing Co. Ltd, Zhengzhou, China

86-15136296268,[email protected]

Descriptionof BComm Co-op Program and Major

Thecourses listed below are offered by BComm Co-op Program. Those coursenames that are in bold were taken already.

First Year (Fall Term)

COMM 1010 Business in a Global Context

COMM 1701 Business Communication Written

MATH 1115 Mathematics for Commerce

ECON 1101 Principles of Microeconomics

First Year (Winter Term)

COMM 1502 Core Business Applications

COMM 1702 Business Communication: Oral

COMM 2102 Introductory Accounting I

ECON 1102 Principles of Macroeconomics

First Year (Summer Term)


Second Year (Fall Term)

COMM 2102 Introductory Accounting II

COMM 2202 Finance I

COMM 2401 Introduction to Marketing

COMM 2501 Statistics I

Second Year (Winter Term)

COMM 2801 Co-op Work Term I

Second Year (Summer Term)

COMM 2203 Finance II

COMM 2303 Intro to Managing people

COMM 2502 Statistics II

COMM 2603 Legal Aspects of Business

COMM 2081 Ethic in Business World

Third Year (Fall Term)

COMM 3801 Co-op Work Term II

Third Year (Winter Term)

COMM 3501 Operations Management

COMM 3511 Management Info Systems

COMM 2110 Accounting Database Analysis and Design

COMM 3105 Intermediate Financial Accounting I

COMM 3116 Cost Management


Third Year (Summer Term)

COMM 3802 Co-op Work Term III

Fourth Year (Fall Term)

COMM 4351 Competitive Strategy

COMM 3111. Intermediate Financial Accounting II

COMM 4101. Advanced Topics in Accounting I

COMM 3114 External Auditing

Fourth Year (Winter Term)

COMM 4352 Strategic Management

COMM 4120 Taxation

COMM 4201 International Financial Management

Fourth Year (Summer Term)




6385South Street

HalifaxNS, B3H 4J4

(902)452-5181, [email protected]


  • Resourceful in the completion of projects, effective at multi-tasking.

  • Strong work ethic and ability to work independently as demonstrated through apparel sales project

  • Adaptable to new work environments

  • Superior analytical and problem solving skills, with the ability to make well thought out decisions

  • Proficient with MS Office, Windows Vista, and the Internet.

  • Excellent communication, interactions and relationship building skills gained through work and volunteer experiences


Bachelorof Commerce: Accounting Candidate 2013

DalhousieUniversity, Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • Relevant Course Work: Business Communications, Financial Accounting, Core Business Applications



EntranceScholarship for grades above 85%, DalhousieUniversity2009

BestSales Manager,Meizhilan Clothing Co. Lt 2008

Rankedfirst place in provincial English competition, HenanEnglish study program2008

Rankedsecond place in group business competition, HenanExperimental High School 2007


SalesManager 2009

LantianSport Facilities Co. Ltd, Gongyi, China

  • Successfully managed team of 15 to exceed sales target of 30,000 RMB

  • Utilized problem solving skills to handle complaints, continually resulting in repeated business

  • Organized formal and informal meetings to open and improve communication between employees

  • Demonstrated patience and flexibility when communicating with customers to ensure their satisfaction

  • Researched and wrote customer requests for appeal and present findings to the team to consistently improve product quality

Treasurer 2008

MeizhilanClothing Co. Ltd, Zhengzhou, China

  • Collaborated with company managers to coordinate sales projects

  • Managed and maintained accurate financial records for a $100,000 three months budget

  • Comprehensively analyzed the sale report and helped company to the maximize profit of 250,000 RMB

  • Created a detailed budget tracking system using Excel spreadsheets resulting in increased accuracy and efficiency


ZhongZhou Zhengzhou Briquette Machinery Plant, Zhengzhou, China 2011

  • Responsible for managing accounts receivable, account payable and payroll departments.

  • Monitored and recorded company expenses.

  • Reported on variances in quarterly costing reports.

  • Prepared quarter company accounts and reports.


Supervisor,BlackBear Protection, Zhengzhou, China 2009

Volunteer,Yellow River Protection Activity, Zhengzhou, China 2008

Fundraiser,HenanBranch, Red Cross Donation, Zhengzhou, China 2008

[Referencewill be provided upon Request]

WorkTerm SectionAnalysisof the Work term

Iworked as an accounting assistant in ZhongZhou Zhengzhou Briquette Machinery Plantduring January and April. The company specializes inmaking effective and eco-friendly machines for customers. In my job,I helped the accountant to check every account. Also, I did someaccounting data-entry work (Shadix, 2004). Additionally I translatedour Chinese accounts into English versions. Sometimes, I picked upphones from overseas customers. Since I have learned manycommunication skills from the COMM 1701 course, I could accuratelyand quickly answer them. I had hoped to accomplish some networking.

Duringthese four months, I met many professional accountants and I got toknow most of them. In the past, my communication skills andteam-working skills were undeveloped, but I am glad that in thesefour months, I have developed my communication skills and now I cancommunicate perfectly without any problems. I have proved thisthrough my communication with international clients since I haveoften contacted international customers I currently know how toproperly talk with different overseas customers (Lamarre, 2003).During my work experience, I improved greatly in my team workingskills because we over and over again did a big accounting projectwith accountants and co-op students. During these four months, I hadlearned that a good accountant needs to pay careful attention to thedetails. Moreover, a group is always better than an individual. Weshould learn how to cooperate with others. Even in the work world, Ifeel that networking is very important for everyone. Sometimes, yournetworking will decide your career height. You should stretch yournetworking circle as far as you can. In the workplace, you have toget ready for everything. If your employers need something, you needto produce it as soon as possible. I must say that after four months,I have learned a lot from my workplace. I appreciate our commerceprogram for giving me this opportunity to get a real workingexperience. This will be very helpful for me, especially in myaccounting career, and also in life in general. With communicationskills, I can now communicate effectively than I used to be in thepast. I believe now I can work in any organization, in any town, andcountry.

SkillDevelopment Reports

Thefollowing Appendices need to be filled out and signed by you and yoursupervisor on the following approximate dates:

  • Appendix C – Prior to 15th day of the 2nd month of the work term

  • Appendix D – On / by the 15th day of the 2nd month of the work term

  • Appendix E – On / by the 15th day of the 3rd month of the work term

  • Appendix F – On / by the 15th day of the 4th month of the work term

AppendixC – Skill / Competency Profile

Tobe completed priorto the 15th day of the 2nd monthof the work term.

Step 1

Based on the Job Description for your first work term, place a checkmark next to each skill / competency that you expect will be required. Add &quotother skills&quot as needed in the boxes provided.

Step 2

Based on your self-assessment, place a checkmark next to the skills/competencies that you believe you have a) already developed and b) need more development. Add other skills as needed.

Step 3

Meet with your supervisor and agree on 5 skills that will be your priority to develop during the work term.

Skill / Competency

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Skills required per job description

Skills already developed

Skills needing more development

Priority skill per Supervisor


Autonomy / work without supervision

Collecting / managing information


Confidence / self-esteem

Conscientiousness / discipline

Creativity / innovation

Customer-service orientation

Decision making


Diversity appreciation



Financial acumen




Openness / transparency

Presentation / public speaking


Project management

Self-directed learning

Self-motivation / initiative


Technological acumen

Time management



Student’s Comments:

Student Signature:

Supervisor’s Comments:

Supervisor Signature:

AppendixD – Development Action Plan

Tobe completed bythe 15th day of the 2nd monthof the work term.

Step 1

List five of the priority skills identified by your supervisor (on Appendix C) in the first column

Step 2

Describe what behavior would indicate / provide evidence for mastery for each skill in the next column

Step 3

Describe a SMART Goal for each skill in conjunction with your supervisor

Step 4

Agree with your supervisor on a target date to achieve each goal or check on progress (I.e. one month)

Step 1Priority Skill to be developed (from Appendix C)

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Evidence of Mastery

SMART goal *

Target Date

* SMART goals are : Specific (not generic)Measurable (% or #) Achievable Relevant and Rewarding and Time bound

Student’s Comments:

Student Signature:

Supervisor’s Comments:

Supervisor Signature:

AppendixE – Development Progress Report

Tobe completed bythe 15thday of the 3rdmonth of the work term

Step 1

Bring forward five priority skills from Appendices D and C

Step 2

Recap the SMART Goal from Appendix D.

Step 3

Agree with your supervisor as to actions required to revise the goal

Step 4

Reset a new target date for reaching the goal or checking on progress (within one month)

Step 1

Priority Skill to be developed (from Appendix C and D)

Step 2

Step 2

Step 3

Step 3

SMART Goal (from App D)

Progress toward Goal

Action Required

Target Date

Student’s Comments:

Student Signature:

Supervisor’s Comments:

Supervisor Signature:

AppendixF – Assessment of Development

Tobe completed bythe 15thday of the 4thmonth of the work term.

Priority Skill to be developed (from Appendix C)

SMART Goal (per Appendix D / E)

Rating of Achievement 1 – 10

Student’s Self-Rating

Supervisor’s Rating

Student’s Comments:

Student Signature:

Supervisor’s Comments:

Supervisor Signature:

Assessmentof Skill Development Process

Throughthis process, I have learned my strengths and weaknesses. I know whataspects I should keep in my mind, and what aspects I should improve.It is very helpful for my future development. With this knowledge, Iwill make my plan to improve in my weak areas, and to use mystrengths to do better in my career. Next time, I hope I can turn myweaknesses into my strengths. In this term, I decided to develop myteam-working skills, decision-making skills, and communicationskills. After these four months, I feel that I have improved a greatdeal in these three skills. For the next term, I hope I can developmy public speaking skills, problems-solving skills, and self-directedlearning skills. I do feel these skills are required for our career.Honestly, I have learned so much from this working experience. SinceI met many customers and workmates, I really know what type of peoplethat I want to work with. The working environment impacts workingefficiency. As a result, I do like positive workplaces. Also, fourmonths has been enough time for me to prove that I really likeaccounting. I feel it is imperative for me to make a decision for mymajor in case of declaring a wrong major. As we know, people willhave more interests in what they really like. But, they cannot reallysure what they really like sometimes. So, we need to use something toprove our interest. Here, I am very thankful for the commerceprogram. By using four months, I know what kind of people I want towork with, what kind of places I want to work in, and what kind ofjobs I really want to do. After reading the self-evaluations of myexperience, I have many plans in the future. I do feel this work termis my wealth. I benefit from it. Therefore, I hope this co-op programwill remain forever. I am still looking forward to the next co-op.


Lamarre,M. (2003). Winningthe job search game with a career portfolio.Boston, CA: Pearson Custom Publishing.

Levitt,J. (2009). Yourcareer: how to make it happen.Michigan: Cengage Learning.

Orsi,G. (2003). Thecareer portfolio workbook: impress employers not employees.New York, NY: McGraw Hill Professional.

Poore,C. (2010). Buildingyour career.Boston, CA: Career Press.

Shadix,K. (2004). Creatingyour career portfolio: at a glance guide.New York, NY: Prentice Hall.