WRA 150/023 Course Analysis


For a long time, people have employed writing as a means ofcommunication. This involves thinking andarranging words mentally and then putting them down on a price ofpaper in a way that intended parties can comprehend. This discussioncan take place anywhere and among different parties and it acts asreference to the owner of the information and other interestedparties.

As a scholar, research is part of life since one is required tostudy the content of other scholarsand use it to develop own ideas. This course is very interactive,and it enabled me to appreciate the importance and process ofresearch. I was able to identify who my target audience was and findways of getting the right content to engage the audience. Whileresearching, I was able to interact with others and in the processinfluence their decision-making process ingroup discussions. While carrying out research, I was able to thinkabout the goals of the course and how it will impact my career afterschool. Part of the research calls for my position on each issue,which should be informative as opposed to just communication. Inaddition, research may require accessing other peoples’ work andincorporating it as part of my work. Through the course,I learned how to use all outside resourceswell and gave credit to the owner of thework through citation.

Another interesting part of this course was the group discussionswhere we deliberated on various issues besides analyzing content fromtexts. These discussions acted as a mindopener since I could picture what the author had in mind and how hepassed that information using the article. While discussing, I wasable to observe how other students perceived the information and theextent of their discussions. Such knowledge came in handy,and I have used those experiences to write excellentand relevant articles and present the work in class and at meetings.

An effective communication work willinclude the social aspects of writing. From the course, I havelearned to study what others are engaged in currently, their feelingsand activities. Having studied this, I cangive information that shall motivate or engage them positively. Thesocial aspects call for understanding howthe organization or society works, what I think about it, what I wantfrom it and my contribution to making itbetter. Part of my course work entailed writing about my previousexperiences and what I gained from them. Therefore, another personcan use my work for learning through adopting those areas I excelled.

This course required individuals to analyzecritical issues across many fields and give a reformed report.While writing, I was able to reflect on my past performance, theactivities I was involved in, and why I took certain actions backthen. This self-analysis enabled me to look for multiple ways ofhandling those situations so that when faced withsimilar circumstances, I will handle them in a way that affects thesociety positively. The course has aroused in methe ability to acknowledge how to write different discoursesthat address specific audiences.

A good piece of writing employs using various rhetorical methods ofcommunication to make the work interesting. Fromthis course, I have learned the advantage of using thedifferent literary devices and composition style when writing mywork. Such techniques make the work more interesting, captivating,and arouses the interest of the reader to critique it and if possiblemake contributions. This way, it will be possible to widen learningbeyond books, and this will make allparties good analysts in the community. I learnedthe use of argumentative writing where I have a point but to pass itacross, I must convince others through my work. This involveddescribing the issue, elaborating how it took place and why whiledemonstrating my role in the exercise. Such a way of writing formsthe basis of effective communication since all my work will stand tobe reliable and precise.

To succeed in writing, a person must be a team player. This coursehad group discussion and teamwork as part of the interaction process.I enjoyed the discussions since they gave all participants anopportunity to express opinions and viewpoints. We learneda lot on how to express ourselves effectively in a way that allparticipants understood clearly. The discussions played a role inenabling all participants to improve theircommunication skills. In addition, through suchsessions people learned the importance of respecting one another,giving each person a chance to give an opinion and correcting oneanother where applicable. Engaging each other in discussionsincreased the confidence to address people while expressing ideasconclusively and exhaustively. I learnedways of collecting points from the discussions, framing them intoconstructive information that people can use to know what transpiredin that session. I saw the importance of being a team player in thateach individual’s contribution adds up tothe final work. From course discussions, students were able toexamine their performance and improve on any shortcomings.

The course required that each person had to employ creativity andfinish all assignments on time. This aspect created a culture oftimeliness while working on my tasks. Ilearned the importance of planning my workto ensure I finish it on time and that my content is relevant. Thisallowed me time to consult where applicable and dedicate timeto conduct research as a way of having a well-writtenassignment. In addition, planning allowed me to join my discussiongroups on time while prepared to engage in constructive debate andlearn from other’s contributions. I employed the virtue ofattentive listening as a way of grasping all member contributions,and I did short notes that aided the writing of my work. Diagramscome in handy when passing a point across where applicable I didattach relevant diagrams that helpedto inform my audience what I was talking about.

It is evident that creative writing does not come easily. The workrequires an individual to plan well and employ a high degree ofkeenness to ensure the work is free of mistakes and has the rightcontent. Individual and group revisions are necessary where the groupmembers discuss an activity and ensure each student understands fullywhat the work entails before embarking on individualwriting. This course has been particularly interestinggiven that the writing styles are diverse,and the content is not limited. As a result, the course has played arole on how I express my ideas in written and communication work.