Inorder to undertake the QTS degree with your university, a few reasonsdrove me to the decision. I flash back to my days at school, and Ican now understand the efforts that my teachers put in. They workhard so as to give me the brilliant school memories that I have andwhich will always remain with me in a positive way. The challengesthat they had to face in helping children focus on their learningalso gives lots of motivation. They also bring up the sense offulfilment from working in children’seducation.

Inow work forty hours per week as a General Teaching Assistant in aprivate school. I also run a one hour Homework Club for 7, 8 andnine-year children every day. At the same time, I am attendingclasses every Thursday evening for my Foundation Degree in Learningand Support by Hull University through Selby College. As a formerpolice officer and now a Teaching Assistant, I have witnessed timeand again the difference that might have been made to young people’slives. The difference is seen if they had had more supportivementoring in their early years. I began the Foundation Degree inLearning and Support as a path to a very different career as acommitted teacher. It is where I can help children to enjoy learningfrom a young age, and helping them develop a more secure future.

Ihave now become more confident in my work with both primary andsecondary school children. I learned how to communicate with them attheir level so as to engage their interest entirely. In my previouscareer as a police officer and as a Teaching Assistant I have triedto give positive support and advice to young people. I find it betterdoing this rather than taking a punitive approach to them. My view isthat whether working with fewer than twos or under twenties, I canmake a difference to how they learn about their place in the world.It can be by understanding them, and engaging with them in such a waythat they can understand me. I am certain that teaching is the rightcareer for me. It is where I will have far more opportunity to have apositive impact on today’schildren and to gain a rewarding sense of job satisfaction from that.